Day in the Life: Summer Edition

One of my favorite kind of posts to read are Day in my Life. I love seeing how people balance school, a social life, blogging, and involvement because it can get pretty overwhelming at times. It always interests me to see how people manage their time when they are that busy, so I thought it might be fun to share with you how I manage my time. While my summers are much different than during the school year, I am still very busy. I am balancing two online courses, a part-time job, blogging, working out, and am involved in a local girls group.



6:30- My alarm chirps at exactly 6:30 every morning and I’ve never been a person to hit the snooze button. I get out of bed and immediately begin my morning routine by washing my face, brushing my teeth, getting dressed and doing my hair and make-up. And making coffee, coffee is a must.

7:35- I head out the door and am on my way to tutoring. I mentioned that I’m taking two online summer classes and one of those classes is business calculus. I could never comprehend calculus just through watching online lectures, so having a tutor to explain things has helped a lot.

8:00- I’m at my tutors and working on math homework. I work with a tutor for about an hour on any questions I have on my homework. Since I’m doing a 16 week math class in only 8 weeks, I typically do a lesson every week day and one lesson on the weekends, so it definitely gets overwhelming at times.

9:30- Once I’m home from tutoring I start in on any chores that I need to do around the house along with tidying my room.

10:00- By now I’ve settled down at my desk and am diving into my school work for the day. I’m taking business calculus and macroeconomics this summer, so I typically start by finishing my math assignment for the day and then watching the lecture for the next day’s assignment and taking notes. In my econ class I work on my forum replies, reading assignments, work-out problems, and my research paper.


12:00- If I’m not heading into work from 12-6, I’m taking a lunch break and updating social media accounts for my blog.

12:30- I have a lot of school work to do every day, so I spend the majority of my morning and early afternoon getting all of my assignments down for the day.

2:00- Another break from school to make a cup of coffee and to work on blog posts. Since the light outside at this point is so nice, I also take the majority of my photos at this point.

3:00- Wrap up school work. I have to do several forum responses to other students during the week and typically they reply later in the day, so this is the time that I’m replying to them

4:30- Get ready and head out to the gym. I love going to spin, tabata, piyo, and turbokick classes because I love the group setting, but sometimes I also run, lift weights, or do an ab routine.


6:30- I get back from the gym and eat dinner with my parents and brother. I typically have stories from the day about how I feel one of my professors doesn’t like me because of the fact he doesn’t reply to my forum posts, that I wish I had forum replies as amazing as one of the girls in my macro class, and that the boy that pointed out a spelling error in my forum post made a spelling error himself in correcting me. And yes, these are my online classmates and professors that I’m talking about.

7:00- I work on writing posts and editing pictures during this time and sometimes will do a little bit of editing on my research paper for macro and study for an upcoming test in calculus. I also enjoy hanging out with friends or shopping with my mom for my apartment this fall.

10:30- I’m a grandma during the summer and typically head to bed during this time. I typically sit in bed and read a few blogs and catch up on my YouTube subscription feed before finally calling it a night. It’s typically about 11:30 or 12 before I get to bed.

What’s your daily summer routine like? Is it much different from your routine during the school year? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

  • Haha, thank you! It must feel weird and good at the same time to not be taking classes. Next summer if I take any classes, I’m hoping to finish up a humanities credit and other than that, just work. Thank you for the encouragement! I only have 6 days until I’m done and then I have about a month off before school starts.

  • Damn girl! Props to you for getting it done. This is the first summer in about five years I’m not taking any classes, feels good to have the time off but I am definitely looking forward to school starting. Two classes at once in the summer can be overwhelming – you got this! 🙂

  • I purposefully scheduled my summer so that I would be up and out of bed! And I work 12-6 on week days and 9-3 on the weekends, so I’m not up as late. I will say, I have been guilty of falling asleep no later than 11:30. I can’t stay up as late at home as I can at school! I also enjoy morning classes during the school year, my friends think I’m nuts! Haha.

  • During the school year I love waking up early and starting my day with morning classes. I would much rather prefer to take classes at 9am as opposed to ones in the afternoon. But, during the summer I am not a morning person in the slightest. Maybe it’s because I work from 5-10 or 11pm every night, but once I get home I stay up for at least a few more hours, so I’m usually heading to bed around 1 or 2 am. Then I’m usually waking up between 10 and 11am. It’s definitely weird to have two different sleeping schedules in the summer and school year though, so I admire that you are able to keep your school one during the summer!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss