A Day in the Life of a College Sophomore

This semester is already in full swing and I’ve already gotten into my routine. If you know me, you know that I strive off of having a routine and set schedule. I thought it might be fun to show you a day in my life so that you can get a glimpse into what I do every day. While every day is different, I decided to show you what my Friday’s generally look like since I have a pretty full day of classes and like to get as much done in my open evening as possible. I’ve been learning how to juggle school, homework, studying, work, blogging, organizations, working out, and a social life and while it definitely has it’s challenges, it’s been fun learning how I want to manage it all.


6:30am- My alarm chirps at exactly 6:30 in the morning and I’m not one to hit the snooze button. In fact, I place my alarm so that I have to get out of bed to turn it off. Then, I wash my face, brush my teeth, do my hair and make-up, and eat a quick breakfast of a toasted English muffin with butter and jelly and a smoothie. If I had a crazy night, I’ll also grab a coffee to-go.

7:20am- At 7:20 I walk over to the shuttle stop at my apartment. While I no longer live in university housing, I do live in an apartment catered for college students that provides a shuttle to and from campus. It’s super convenient as a sophomore commuter student.

8:00am- My first class starts at 8am. While many people would prefer for their classes to start later on in the day, I’m definitely one that appreciates having something scheduled in the morning to get me going and up and out of bed. I’ve never been one that felt productive when my day starts later on, but that’s just me personally.

11:00am- After having a morning filled with 3 classes, I finally have a break to grab a bite to eat and go over some class notes for the rest of my day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go to on-campus dining since I still have meal swipes. It’s been super convenient for me to be able to walk over to a dining hall class to my 12 o’clock class to grab a quick bite to eat.

12:00pm- Off to my next class. It’s a 1,000 level course, so it’s a 500 person lecture hall. While being in class with that many people at first is a bit intimidating, it is something I got used to my freshman year. Plus after a morning of more difficult classes, it’s nice to have this class as a break. Especially since I go to math at 1.

2:00pm- I’ve finished my classes for the day and head to the gym to get some work done before I work do my work out for the day. While it does sound a bit odd to do studying at the gym, our on-campus gym actually has tables set up to use for homework and studying. I typically use this time to rewrite my notes from that days lecture, make flashcards, do some homework, and then review my notes and flashcards.

4:00pm- On the days that I don’t have an organization meeting, like today, I head to a class at the gym. I loving taking cycling, TurboKick, PiYo and Insanity. It’s the perfect productive break from studying.

5:00pm- I’m done with my class at the gym and head to the shuttle stop on campus to go back to my apartment. Once I’m back, I take a quick shower and grab a bite to eat.

 6:00pm- I head to tutoring hours for one of my classes. I try to go to one tutoring or office hour every day of the school week just to stay on top of things. On this particular day I was headed to get a little extra help on my econ homework and studying.

7:30pm- It’s time to do some studying for the evening. I like to have all of my homework and re-written notes done in the afternoon before I head to my work-out class so that I can spend my evenings just studying. I work on reviewing my flashcards and notes for economics and accounting and then work on practice problems for math and accounting.

9:30pm- Since I didn’t have any organization meetings this day, the majority of my evening was spent working on homework, so now I like to take the time to get ready for bed and brush my teeth and take off my make-up. I will also spend some time relaxing and watching YouTube videos.

10:00pm- I’m definitely a late night writer, so I use this time to blog. I edit photos, write posts, reply to e-mails, and post on social media.

11:30pm- I wrap up my work for the night and head to bed. Sometimes I go to bed at 11, other nights it’s midnight before I go to bed. If I have a big test coming up, you will most definitely find me spending my evening studying. Tonight, I was done and headed to bed.

Have you gotten into the swing of things since the beginning of this new semester? If so, what does your new daily routine look like? If not, what have you been doing to develop a new routine?