Pinterest Basics for Bloggers

As a college blogger, Pinterest is my number one driver of traffic. For a while I was a bit overwhelmed as a new blogger in the Pinterest community. Where was I supposed to start? Would people even pin my blog posts? How would I get a pin to be noticed? Was it even possible for me to have a pin take off? What made a pin popular anyways, like was there some tip that I hadn’t learned or even figured out yet? And ultimately, I was overwhelmed at making the images. As a beginner, was I even capable of making an image that would be visually appealing to my potential readers?

That is where this post will come into play. I’m hoping to answer the questions of newer bloggers and give the tips that I learned for when you are a newer blogger tipping your toes into the world of being a blogger on Pinterest. Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming at first, but you are definitely capable of handling it.


Use long images.

When you are taking your thumbnail pictures for your blog, use vertical images over horizontal images. Why? When you are scrolling through Pinterest you are scrolling down, so when you have used a long, vertical image you have a better chance of your pin being noticed by more people since it’s on the screen for a longer amount of time. Strange fact, yes, but it is definitely something to utilize and put into play. When I was first told about this, I found it odd so I checked my own Pinterest boards to see what I was more likely to pin. For me personally this fact was true, I am much more likely to pin long, vertical images than small, horizontal images.

Know that it takes time for your images to get pinned.

When I wrote my study tips post, I knew it would be something that would drive traffic to my blog. After all, as a college blogger my post popular posts have to do with move-in day, study tips, and finals week. When I pinned my thumbnail to Pinterest I knew I wouldn’t get immediate hits, but I was hoping for lots of hits within two to three days. Once it had been three days, my study post had around one hundred views, which is not what I had been planning. It took three weeks for my study tips post to even start bringing me a steady amount of traffic, so be patient and know that it does take time but your pin will get out there.

Join group/community boards.

I wish I could tell you how to come across a ton of group boards all at once, but the truth is I am still hoping to learn that fact. The way that I’ve been able to stumble upon group boards is when I am looking at another college bloggers Pinterest boards. By clicking on the board there is typically information in the description box about who to e-mail so that you can be invited to be a contributor. Once you are a contributor, especially on multiple group boards, more eyes see your pins and you are more likely to gain traffic. Just be careful to not overload the boards with your pins all at once, keep it at a minimum so that followers of the board will be interested in the pins instead of annoyed by them.

Don’t overload your personal Pinterest with only pins from your blog.

While it is understood that you are trying to get your own blog noticed and drive traffic to your site, your own blog posts should not be the only things you are pinning. This fact is especially true when you are a newer blogger that has a max of five posts to pin. You don’t want to pin the same thing over and over again or else you risk current followers unfollowing you and potential followers not considering you. For me, if I’m going to pin five things, only one of them will be for my blog and the other four will be from other sources. That way, my pin is still getting out there but I’m not overloading my current followers with my blog posts.

Use key catching colors to get your pins noticed.

I mentioned before that you should use long image, but in those images you should also use eye catching colors. Some of the best colors to use are obviously brighter, more vivid colors. While you don’t want your picture to be overwhelmingly colorful, just make it so that it’s tasteful and something people will at least stop to look at whether they pin it or not. For example, in my study tips picture there is a light wood background with simply colored school supplies. To add some color to the image, I used a hot pink notebook of mine. That way, it’s not overwhelmingly bright as you are scrolling through Pinterest, but it will still capture the attention of potential readers.

Be creative with the photos for your blog posts.

There is no exact way that you should take the photos for your blog, so be creative with it. Take fun images that you know if you saw you would pin. For me personally, I enjoy taking pictures of stuff laid out neatly like in studyblrs or using depth of field perspectives to choose what I want in focus or out of focus. While those are the things that I would personally like to pin, it definitely changes from person to person. Some bloggers enjoy using more artsy photos for their posts while others will simply use fun nature shots.

Use a good photo editor.

I use presets that I uploaded onto Photoshop to add light into my images, but I can’t stand how the text works on Photoshop. Yes, I could probably figure it out if I took some classes and looked up tutorials, but for the time being I need something a little easier so that I can still produce nice, quality images. That’s where Canva comes in. Canva is the perfect way to add text onto your photos and even has presets of text layouts that are a lot more creative. Personally, I am still trying to figure out how to mix fonts and have it look good and Canva’s presets are perfect to mix fonts and have your images look like the text was added by a graphic designer. Canva is the only free online editor that I’ve come across that works for me, but if you know of others that I should look into let me know in the comments.

Pin at different times of the day on different days of the week.

Fun fact that I have learned during my short time blogging is that what day and what time you pin things can have a big influence on how many people see it. This has a lot to do with what market you are aiming towards. For mom bloggers, earlier in the morning is the best time to pin, for me as a college blogger between three and five in the afternoon is the best time to pin. I like to think that it’s because my core audience consists of high school and college aged girls and those are the typical times that you have gotten out of school and are taking a social media break. Friday through Sunday I’ve found that it’s best for me to pin from eight in the evening until later, especially on Sunday nights. While it will vary from person to person, even if we have the same core audience, the time that you pin on particular days plays a huge role in the amount of traffic you can bring in from your pins.

If you are a newer blogger and figuring out how to utilize Pinterest for your blog, which of these tips do you hope to utilize? If you are a more experienced blogger with more knowledge of Pinterest, what would you add to this list? I’d love to know in the comments below.