FAQ: More About Me

In the last month my daily blog traffic has essentially tripled. While a blog post about how I was able to do that is coming, I’ve realized that the new audience that I’ve drawn in doesn’t know that much about me. I’ve been receiving several e-mails a day asking about anything from college to blogging, but sometimes also a few personal questions about me. Today I thought it would be fun to do an FAQ post answering questions that I am frequently asked about myself. So, here we go.


Do you really plan to move to the east coast after college?

It is definitely a possibility that is on my mind, but not something set in stone yet. While I have no intention to live in the town that I grew up in or to continue to live in my college town after graduation, I have opened my mind to staying within Missouri or Kansas after graduation but am open to opportunities in other states. I’d love to find myself on the east coast, Texas, or Florida, but I’m only twenty and have two more years to get all of this ironed out. Essentially, moving out of my home town for college was a very good choice for me personally and opened my mind to opportunities outside of my small town. And who knows, I may end up in Kansas City or Overland Park after graduation, which is much closer to home than I thought I would move after college.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I will be twenty five (yikes!) and graduated from college with a degree in marketing. I’m hoping to have a job in marketing right out of college. I haven’t been specific about the industry that I want to be in, all that I want is a job in the area that I studied in college. I will be living on my own, so once I’ve graduated from college I hope to have a second job to save up for fun furniture and home accessories. I hope to still be blogging and have my brand grow with me. I’d love to be hosting webinars and offering e-books, maybe blogging could be my second job out of college! I hope to be continuing to pursue my love of fitness and working out and even looking into getting qualified to teach work out classes. And lastly, a silly but completely serious point, I hope to be looking into a dog or have a dog of my own. Because of course, dogs are what officially make you a grown up.

Do you have any previous background in photography or writing? If so, what was it?

Yes! I do actually. When I was 13 I started an online magazine that had a team of 15 editors, photographers, and writers that was published monthly. I think we were up to 700 subscribers to the online magazine before it became too much for me to handle on top of dance, dance competitions, cheerleading, and school. I took two photography classes my freshman and sophomore year of high school and have taken senior pictures for several people. I also had two blogs before I started Love Megan June.

What else do you hope to do in college?

I am planning on going on a travel abroad trip within the next year that I am very excited about! I’ve also been looking into the possibility of becoming an ambassador for either the business school or the Center for Leadership and Service. I have looked into the possibility of joining a business fraternity, but I’m still not sure if that’s something that I’m interested in doing personally. I am currently involved in a church group and two business organizations, so if I do anything I hope to hold leadership positions within those organizations. I also hope to continue to pursue my blog, work outs, and volunteer activities.


What are some of your goals with blogging?

I’m definitely hoping to keep up with the post consistency that I’ve had recently. I feel that being consistent is key to finding any form of success in the blogging community. Short term I hope to develop my brand more, join more blogging networks, and start making a small income off of blogging. Honestly, I just hope to get to know people in the blogging community and have a little bit of income coming in from it to pay for a month’s worth of gas for my car or even 1-2 weeks of groceries. Long term I hope to develop a YouTube channel as well and begin to write and publish e-books. I also know a big rebrand will be in store once I’ve graduated from college and I have no idea where it will go, but I’ve definitely already started tossing around ideas in my blogging notebook.

And if we want to get crazy with what I want to do with blogging, I’d love to get to the point where I could help with some form of consulting for other bloggers/small businesses. I’d also love to be able to make my own planner, but that may be a little farfetched/something I decide against later on.

Do you have any siblings or pets?

Yes! I have a younger brother named Collin and a yellow lab named Gunney (a twist we put to the name Gunner). My brother Collin is a senior in high school this year and is currently going through the process of applying to and deciding on where he wants to go to college. He’s currently very involved in his high school JRTOC program and is looking into majoring in engineering or computer science. And yes, he’s a big help in brain storming my “Senior’s Guide” posts. Gunney is our 7 year old lab that is still a puppy in his head. Although labs supposedly lose their energy by 6 or 7, Gunney has definitely proven that theory wrong as when he jumps straight up in the air he can still jump over the fence. He’s the 85 pound dog that thinks he’s a lap dog and he always keeps us on our toes!


Why did you choose to go to Mizzou?

I went to a very small high school. Small meaning 18 in my graduating class. Yes, 18. I loved my school and made the personal decision that I wanted to go there, but that I wanted something bigger with more opportunities once I got to the college level. In high school we had an 8 man football team, two math teachers (you can guess how many teachers we had for other teachers from there), had band, choir, art, and yearbook offered as electives, and you knew everyone, which in my instance was in my favor. I loved that my teachers knew about my blogs and that I danced for hours every week and knew that I worked at Chick-Fil-A. While that was what I wanted for my high school experience, it wasn’t what I wanted for my college experience. I wanted lots of people, to walk to class and not know everyone I was walking past, to have to make a name for myself, have lots of class options, attend a school with lots of traditions, have a variety of involvement opportunities on campus, and have the opportunity to discover more about myself and be challenged. And all of those things are exactly what I found at Mizzou.

Where does the name ‘Love Megan June’ come from?

If you know me personally, you know that I am very girly and that I love my first and middle name. When I came up with the name for my blog I thought of it like I was signing a letter Love, Megan June. Although that wouldn’t work for a domain name, it became just Love Megan June. I know it sounds a bit odd to others, but I personally love it.

So now I want to know more about you. What is more about you? How old are you? What year of school are you in? Do you blog and if so why do you choose to start? What are you majoring in or plan to major in? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

  • First off, thank you for your sweet comment! Secondly, I’m thrilled about my increase in traffic. I was honestly scared coming back from being so sick that I’d average well below my page views from before I was sick, but was thrilled with this past months’ numbers. And lastly, I’d LOVE to end up on the east coast after college…honestly anywhere close to a beach and away from major snow! haha

  • Woohoo for more traffic! That’s incredible, congrats! And double woohoo for moving to the east coast after graduation! That’s one of my big goals right now (though there is plenty of time for that to change.)

    Love this post! It’s great getting a better idea of who bloggers are outside of the blogosphere!