December Traffic and Income Report

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by to read my December Traffic and Income Report! I’m thrilled this month to say that I’m able to add income to my report since this little blog of mine has begun to bring in a small income. Please remember that I am not post this to brag about my blog or the income that I am earning. It is something I post so that I can look back and see how far my blog has come both traffic and income wise. I also post it in complete honesty to help other bloggers that are in the same boat as me; growing their blog traffic and at the beginning stages of earning an income through blogging. So, without further ado, here is my traffic and income report for the previous month.

December Traffic and Income Report

Successful Plans of Attack in December

The most successful plan of attack that I had for December was my activity on Pinterest. I found great times throughout the day to pin to my boards and in turn gained several followers on Blog Lovin’ and my social media pages. I’m hoping to roll this over into January as well to continue to see a return from it.

In December once I realized that not using an editorial calendar is a horrible idea for me, I went out and bought a monthly 2016 calendar to use purely for blogging purposes. It includes lists of posts ideas, my editorial calendar, and monthly social media stats so that I can track my growth month to month.

Unsuccessful Plans of Attack in December

Obviously what was unsuccessful was the fact that I decided to not use an editorial calendar and instead just go off of a list of post ideas I had. It was a horrible method to use for me personally since I am the kind of person that has to have things planned out and written down. I was hoping to be “spontanious”, but obviously that’s not something that I can do successfully with my blog.

I also had very poor presence on Twitter and FaceBook, which is something that I am hoping to improve in the month of January.

December Traffic

I’m excited to say that I once again grew traffic wise. While it’s definitely not all about the numbers, I must admit it’s fun to watch my page views continue to rise each month.


December Income

I can’t believe that I’ve already made a small income from my blog. I’m thrilled that this little blog that I see as purely a hobby has earned me a small income already. While I’m not expecting this kind of return again in January, as the purchases made were purely for the new year, it’s still pretty exciting. As a college student on a fairly strict budget, I’m thrilled.

Affiliate Link Compensation: $180.00

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January’s Plan of Attack

In November I had an editorial calendar and it was my most successful month of posting regularly. In December I decided to try to just post based off of a list of post ideas that I had and that failed miserably. For the month of January I am back to using an editorial calendar and actually bought a monthly calendar purely to plan out my blog posts. I’m hoping to blog regularly this coming year and that having a calendar specifically for blogging will help.

In January I am also hoping to writing at least one evergreen post that will bring in a steady income month to month. I have two ideas going through my head as to what I could do with this, but my goal is just to get one of them up. I’m also hoping to plan (or possibly post!) my first giveaway for the blog. We will see how it goes. I have a good chunk of free time on my hands since it’s winter break, so I’m hoping to get some work out of the way now.

I’m also hoping to better my social media presence. I recently stumbled across an amazing (and free) social media scheduling website that will allow me to have posts going up even when I’m juggling my crazy work schedule over winter break. I’m excited to see how it goes.

And finally, I’m hoping to work on strengthening the brand for Love Megan June. This isn’t something that you guys will be able to see so much from the outside this month, but hopefully it will begin to show in the future months. Every little thing adds up, right?

How did December go for your blog? Did you see an increase or decrease in traffic? What are some of your blogging goals for the month of January? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.