My Goals and Resolutions for 2016

If I’m being completely honest, this post is more my goals for the year than my resolutions. I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions, but personally I love taking the time throughout the year to reevaluate my goals and see where I’m at and how far I’ve come. And while the beginning of the year isn’t the only time that you can make new goals and start over, the perfectionist in me loves that there is a whole new year ahead of me to work hard at accomplishing my goals.

I’m the kind of person that keeps of list of where I hope to be in 5 years and what I want to be doing. While this post isn’t going to include that list, these goals are written for the purpose of reaching my goals for in 5 years. It sounds silly writing it out and I know that I won’t necessarily be where I want five years from now, but I enjoy having the plan. Below I listed five categories blog, school, fitness, organizations/involvement, and personal and I’m going to list what I hope to accomplish with each of them this year. I’m hoping that having this published on my blog will keep me more accountable. We will see.

about me


-Make enough money from blogging to pay off costs of two years payment for the URL.

Make enough money from blogging to pay for one months worth of gas/two weeks of groceries.

Post 2-3 times a week, every week.

Build my online community (haven’t pinned down what I want to do for this yet. I’m considering a weekly/biweekly Twitter chat or something on YouTube/Periscope.)

Continue to build the Love Megan June brand. Work on stream lining how pictures look, what I blog about, my Instagram feed, etc. 

Join more blog networks and get paid offers from them.

Work on SEO, get bounce rate below 90.0, and have a better social media presence. 


-Complete 4 more Personal Developement Program courses. (if you aren’t a Mizzou student, these are required for business students. I’m hoping to get ahead on them.)

Begin researching companies for internship over summer of 2017.

Maintain and continue to raise GPA.

Go on a travel abroad trip.

Learn more about marketing and different jobs that I can hold.



Try new work out classes outside of my typical cycling/PiYo/Turbo/HIIT

Get my abs back (lost them from my break with mono)

Become more knowledgeable about using weights when working out.

Get more comfortable with running.

Try a hot yoga class.

-Try new cardio classes (yes, I’m a crazy person that loves cardio)


-Attempt to add one more organization (preferably a business fraternity) to schedule if work will allow.

Attend more outings with church group and have better attendance overall for church stuff.

Hold a leadership position in one of my business groups.

Get to know more people within church.


Prioritize self-care.

Do more with photography.

Stay in better contact with friends from home through texting and Facetime.

Continue to grow out hair and not chop it off. (silly, I know, but I always want to chop my hair off once it gets to the length it’s at now)

Keep saving money for travel abroad and spending money for travel abroad.

Find an organization/charity that benefits something I’m passionate about to donate to/volunteer for.

Do you reevaluate your goals at the beginning of the year or make resolutions? What categories do you break them down into or do you just make a long list? What are your goals or resolutions for the new year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.