7 Must Have Apps for College Students

It seems like I’m always on my phone. Whether I’m texting a friend, checking my e-mail, looking up my grades in a class, or checking comments on my blog, my phone tends to always be somewhere within reach. And there is a literally an app for everything. Whether you are looking to get fit, get directions, call an Uber, or connect with your friends, there is some sort of app out there for it. Which is why I’ve loved finding apps that are geared towards college students. I love stumbling upon apps for budgeting, productivity, and school work help, so I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites with all of you.

7 must have apps

Google Calendar

I’ve written a whole post on how I utilize Google Calendar day to day to manage my crazy schedule, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s on the list. I don’t always carry my paper planner with me, but I do always have my phone with me. If there is a meeting time change, a class is canceled, class is moved, or a professor is offering a study session I always pull out my phone and add it to my Google calendar. It’s so convenient to have my calendar literally right at my fingertips!


While I love to have a written to-do list so that I can physically cross off what I’ve done, sometimes that’s not always an option. I can’t carry around all my lists with me to school when I’ve planned a study session in the library or heaven forbid I forget my list of ideas for a marketing plan during my organization meeting. I love that I have the ability to categorize my to-lists and even color code them. I have a section for school, blogging, work, chores, and my organizations and the colors match my color coding in my planners, which is always a plus.

I also love this app because when you get stuff done, you earn points. The competitive, type a in me loves seeing my points go up as I get more done. It gives me motivation to get more done simply because I can earn points from it. As you read this, I sound completely ridiculous, but trust me, just try it. It’s wonderful.


Pomodoro uses the “Pomodoro” method for productivity in which you work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break and repeat. After 4 Pomodoro, which are the 25 minute increments, you get a 15 minute break.

I love this app because I have always been the kind of person that will work for hours on end without taking a break. I will literally just sit at my desk and work until what I need to accomplish is done. It wasn’t until over the summer that I realized this method of doing things was only slowing me down in the long run and I wasn’t retaining enough information for the time I was spending. It was at that point that I realized I needed to do something about it and this is by far the best method that I’ve found. I love switching up the breaks between editing a photo for Instagram and doing chores around my apartment. As long as I feel that I’ve been productive during the breaks, I feel like I’m getting stuff done.

Well Spent

I’m a college student on a fairly “strict” budget. I’m working very, very hard to save the money that I need to be able to go on a study abroad trip in a year, so I’m putting back every penny that I can. Which is where Well Spent comes in. Personally, I don’t like Mint because you have to enter your bank information and if I were to (heaven forbid) lose my phone, I wouldn’t handle it well knowing someone could see exactly how much I have in my accounts. My anxieties aside, that’s why I looked for an app like Well Spent.

Well Spent allows you to make budget categories and then resets on the day of your choosing. You simply enter a category name and the amount you have allotted for it and you are good to go! I have budgets for rent, utilities, donating, groceries, gas, fun money, and all of the other expenses that I have. While I’m a pen and paper girl in almost all other aspects of my life, I can’t keep a written or even computerized budget to save my life. I love that after I’ve made a purchase I can immediately subtract the amount once I get home. It keeps me on track and I know that all money left over at the end of the month can go towards my trip.


Speaking of saving money for study abroad and being on a strict budget, iBotta is another great app that I’ve stumbled upon. I had mentioned to a friend that I thought couponing or price matching sounded like a cool idea, but I wasn’t sure how I could make the time for it. She asked me if I had ever heard of this app, which I hadn’t, and said that she’s been saving a good amount of money since she started using it. All you have to do is scan your receipt and the bar code on an item and you can instantly receive money back by linking it to your PayPal account. I’ve honestly been really surprised by how much money I’ve been able to get from it and while sometimes it’s not much, every little bit counts.

Khan Academy

I’m a marketing major, which I figured wouldn’t mean much math outside of money math (add a dollar sign and I can do math!), but I was wrong. There is a lot of math. And while I think I understand what’s going on during the lecture in class, it’s not always the case once I’m in the library doing my homework. I love that I have the ability to look up topics from my math homework and watch someone work out the problem while explaining it. If I’m really stuck on a problem, I can even pause the video as I need it so I can understand. It’s also nice that it’s in video form because at this point in my math career, there are lots of steps to get to the final answer. If I can get the first four steps but not the fifth, I love that I can fast forward to what I need. It’s so much faster to look it up online than to head over to tutoring especially since I work a lot during the free tutoring time. Obviously, math isn’t my strong point, but I’ve learned and retained so much through using the videos!


I’m always on top of my school work and enjoy making my own notes and flash cards to study, but if I’ve learned anything in college it’s that it’s good to change up your study methods. Especially if you are able to get help from others who know what they are doing. At the beginning of every semester, I always get on Quizlet and search my classes so that I have access to study guides and so that I get notifications when people add study guides in my classes. While I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on Quizlet when you study for your tests, I love using it do review information from another person’s perspective and in their words. Changing things up from my own words and notes is always a good thing for me.

Do you utilize any of these apps day to day? Are there any apps that you would add to this list? I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

  • I will have to look into My Homework! Personally I’ve always done better when I use a written planner, but that definitely sounds like something I should look into. Thanks for letting me know about it. I love Khan Academy and Quizlet. It helps with the work load from school so much!

  • Laura Castillo Criales

    I use khan academy and quizlet and I have this cool app: ”my homework”that is a really good planner for the year!