How I Reached 50,000 Page Views in 3 Months

Over the last three months I’ve watched my monthly page views grow drastically. In fact, for the month of January I’m predicted to set another page view record. And while it’s definitely not all about the numbers, there definitely is something to be said for the excitement that comes with watching your numbers go up month to month. The other day I decided to at how many page views I’d gotten over the last 90 days and it was over 50,000. I can’t believe that over 50,000 people have stopped by and read this little blog of mine. Today I thought it would be fun to share some methods that I think have been helpful in helping me reach this number.

How I Reached 50,000 Pageviews

Utilize an editorial calendar

As a type a perfectionist I sometimes decide that I need to be a little more spontaneous. In December, I made the decision that I was going to stray away from my editorial calendar and allow myself to be more spontaneous with my posting. I decided to walk away from scheduling my time to write and what posts I would work on and even stopped planning in my editorial calendar. I ended up posting a whopping four times in December. Four.

Needless to say, blogging is not the place to be spontaneous, especially if you are hoping to get somewhere with your blog. I personally have a blogging notebook and an editorial calendar separate from my every day planner. In my notebook I have a list of post ideas and before the beginning of the next month I always sit down with my notebook, editorial calendar, and a pencil and pencil in what posts I want to do on what days. It is an absolute lifesaver. During the school year I also lay out my personal calendar that includes all of the important dates for my classes, organizations, and work so that I can plan the best days to put up a post. I will also mark off 2-3 days in a month to devote to blogging just so I can stay ahead on things. And by devote to blogging, I mean that I work on my blog before I dive into school work since I have the most energy as in the morning. Such a rebel, I know.

Regularly repin your blog posts

Pinterest is my number one traffic source for my blog. If you’ve been reading for a while you know that I always talk about how important it is to publish posts with pinable images. On top of doing that, I also think that it’s important to regularly repin your blog posts onto your boards. I like to follow a general rule that for every two blog posts of mine that I pin, I pin at least three pins from other sites. This way, I’m not cluttering my followers with just my posts but am still getting my pins out there to get seen more.

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned from pinning your own blog posts to pin throughout the day at different times every day. Your followers will log on at different times throughout the day so you want to make sure they are able to see your pins because in turn from them pinning your image, you get more page views.

I also recommend that if you have a post that you feel is good, but you don’t think you published a good enough photo with it originally, edit a new photo, add it to the post, and start pinning it to get it out there. Remember, blogging isn’t perfection from the start and small changes over time can definitely pay off.

Use a scheduler for Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/etc.

If you are anything like me, you aren’t going to remember to post your latest blog post to your Facebook page or to tweet out regularly on your Twitter page. In fact, if you are like me you will realize that you are three posts behind on updating your Facebook page and haven’t tweeted out since last Tuesday, oops. Over the last three months I decided that things needed to change and that I wanted to have a more active social media presence. I took the time to schedule a Facebook update to my page when new posts went up and started using TwitTimer to schedule tweets. I will spend five minutes before I go to bed and write and schedule tweets for the next way. It’s the perfect way for me to stay active on social media without feeling overwhelmed about having to remember to post every few hours.

Work ahead on blog posts

One thing that I haven’t shared much on the blog is how important it is to me to stay ahead on blog posts. It’s typically my goal to be at least a week ahead on my blog posts, which for me is being three posts ahead. Sometimes I might even be two weeks ahead. While some might argue that doing this makes my posts less “authentic” or that I’m need to chill out a little about all of this, it’s what helps me keep a piece of mind. Looking at my blog’s dashboard and seeing that I have 3-6 posts that are written, edited, and have a great pinable image is an incredibly great feeling. It prevents me from freaking out went up. While some say working under pressure is best for them, it definitely isn’t the case for me.

Write quality posts that your readers can learn something from

While I follow several bloggers that simply blog about their day to day life, it doesn’t always bring them the traffic that they hope for. I have nothing against day to day lifestyle bloggers, but since my goal is to reach a larger, broader audience, writing such personal posts wouldn’t be a good idea for me. I want to publish posts that you can walk away from with new knowledge, tips, ideas, and things that you want to try. I want you to read my posts and think about how something that I recommended or posted about would definitely help you better your time management and is something you try in your day to day routine. Typically, your blog will be more successful if you write these helpful posts for your readers.

Choose your “niche” and stick to it

Personally I’m a college lifestyle blogger that loves to write about all things related to school, studying, organizations, planners, health, beauty, fitness, and more. While I may add a post here or there that is a little more personal to me, I always feel like somehow the post stays true to the “Love Megan June” niche and brand. If I were to suddenly post something about cars and how they run, it wouldn’t match my brand at all but if I were to write a post about driving home and having homesickness, it would match my niche and brand for my blog.

Remember that sometimes your page views will decrease and other days it’s higher than ever

Yes, it’s true. And sometimes it’s horribly hard to have to deal with day to day, but it’s just something that we face as bloggers. Sometimes you have a post that goes baby viral, sometimes that tweet from another blogger brings you a ton of traffic, and sometimes you just have days where your page views go down and there is honestly nothing that you can do about it. I always have to remind myself that page views go up and down a lot and sometimes seeing that down hurts a little. It could be because it’s a holiday or its finals, or just maybe you didn’t get as many searches as usual for your SEO.

Write in your own voice

I was thrilled when one of my friends told me that when she read my blog she could literally hear my voice as she read it. I saw it as a huge compliment. I want you to know that my posts where written by me and that I wrote them with a lot of care and thought, which is how my friend described the feeling when she read my post. While yes, there are a lot of college lifestyle bloggers out there, I’m the only one who has had the particular experiences that I’ve had and the only one that can write in this voice.

What have you done that has paid off page views wise? Is there anything that you would add to this list or that you will be trying from this list? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

  • Megan June

    Good luck with your new blog! I’d love a link if you get a chance. Thank you so much!

  • Jimena

    These methods were very helpful! I’m beginning with my nutrition blog also, so definitely I’ll use them for it. Keep on the good work! 🙂