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Hello, my name is Megan and I’m obsessed with reading blogs. I stumbled upon the blogging world when I was in 6th grade and ever since then I’ve kept up with at least a few blogs at a time ranging from college to food and style to mom blogs. Today I thought it would be fun to shout out some of my current favorite college bloggers. While I keep up with these ladies blogs on the regular, I’m not the best about commenting, so I’m sharing the love with a post. Please not, I did not base the order based on favorites or who I prefer over another and if your blog isn’t on this list, please don’t be upset. I just wanted to keep this list to a minimum. Although if you want to comment a link to your blog so I can check it out I definitely wouldn’t mind. So with that, here are some of my favorite blogs!


XO College Life

I’ve followed Alex’s blog since the beginning of my freshman year of college. I actually came across some of her posts about sorority rush after I had gone through sorority rush myself. To me her blog is a breath of fresh air. I love her sweet personality and amazing photography aesthetic. Seriously, if you check out just one thing of hers check out her Instagram. I especially enjoy her day in a life posts and her printables posts. I live for her printables honestly.

Cristina Was Here

Cristina’s blog is another account in which I absolutely love her aesthetic. I love the fresh, bright, and vibrant vibe that her photos give off both on her blog posts and Instagram account. Recently she has started posting a YouTube video every Friday and I’m definitely always watching. I love her more recent posts about healthy living and I’m slightly obsessed with her desk and room set up.

Sara Laughed

I found Sara’s blog through Pinterest when I searched for college blogs and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love her simple but colorful blog design and the way she has branded her photo editing (can you tell I’m a marketing major? Hah!). I always turn to Sara’s blog if I’m looking for tips as a college student and need some piece of mind. Her e-book “How to Succeed in College” is wonderful if you are looking for a great guide to navigating through college. My brother is headed off to college in the fall and I fully intend to also buy him a copy to refer to when he starts school in August. Because you know, he doesn’t want to hear tips from his older sister.

As We Stumble Along

Although Courtney recently rebranded to a twenty something blog, that definitely doesn’t knock her off my list of favorite college bloggers. I’m super excited to see where see goes as she takes on blogging full time and I’m looking forward to the day when I’m not working during her Twitter chat. Courtney has an amazing guide to starting a blog of your own and she even offers an e-book on college health. Although what I look up to her most for was her post about depression and anxiety. I could go on and on about how those are two of the things I wish were discussed more and that the stigmas surrounding them wouldn’t be so harsh, but ultimately she opened up about her struggles with it and I greatly respect her for that.

As Life Grows

Samantha’s blog is a favorite of mine to turn to. I’m a sucker for her college relationship posts and even though I’m not currently in a relationship (or have the remote possibility of being in one anytime soon…) I definitely admire the relationship she has. I also love that recently she has started to incorporate her faith into her blog posts, including posting about how to find a church near your college. Her newsletter is one of my favorite things to see in my inbox and I’m absolutely obsessed with her blog design. I follow her on Twitter and always love seeing her updates. She’s definitely someone that is on top of her Twitter game, that’s for sure.

Seashells and Sparkles

I need to start this off by saying that I’m completely and utterly obsessed with where she lives. If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that I have a slight obsession with the east coast and dream of living there, so I’m a tad jealous of her location. Rachel posts amazing outfit posts and her blogging advice tips are some of my favorites to read. I follow her on Twitter and often find myself literally laughing out loud at some of the things she posts. They are both insanely relatable and totally true to my personal life.

Organized Charm

I’ve read Kirsten’s blog since I was a senior in high school. While she doesn’t post as often anymore due to her crazy hectic schedule with her new teaching job, I still enjoy taking the time and reading through her old posts. If you are looking for any tips, tricks, or advice on getting organized and being productive in college, Kristen’s blog is the one to turn to. Some of my favorite posts of hers are how to organize your planner, how to make an assignment spread sheet, and how to make a daily prioritized study list. I love her bubbly personality and even though she isn’t blogging as much right now, she does still post awesome Instagram photos.

Chase the Write Dream

I love Tori’s blog. I tend to look to other’s that have accomplished what I’m working towards and have continued on to be successful, which is exactly how I see Tory. She has her bachelor’s degree, something I’m working towards, her master’s degree, and has worked in the education field. With all of that experience, her tips are definitely something to read and follow. I specifically love all of the posts under her “successful students” because they are always so helpful. Tori also has a Stress Free Scheduling e-course and a Successful College Student workbook that you need to check out. They are definitely game changers and I’m hoping to work through them both before I start my junior year of college in August.

What blogs do you read? Are there any blogs that you think I need to check out and add to my list? Do you have a blog that I need to check out? I’d love if you left a link in the comments below!

  • Of course I included you, your blog is one of my favorites! I totally might take you up on that East Coast visit offer. A majority of the internships I’m looking at may or may not be on the East Coast as well, just as an excuse to move over there for a short time. 😉

  • Alex’s blog (XO College Life) and Cristina’s blog (Cristina Was Here) are my faves! I might be bias seeing as though CWH is one of my best friend’s but oh well! Thank you so much for including me in this little round up! Feel free to come visit me on the East Coast whenever 😉

    Rachel /

  • Megan June

    Of course! I love your blog! I’m pretty good at keeping up on reading blogs I’m just not very good at commenting. So I figured I should show my appreciation some how.

  • Megan June

    Of course! I always want to share the love to other bloggers. I’m always reading, just not always commenting, sadly.

  • Thanks so much for including me, Megan! I always love reading other blogs and interacting with my fellow bloggers. You have an awesome list going here 😃

  • Thank you so much for including me in this list, Megan! There are several blogs on here I love already, and I’m excited to check out the ones I hadn’t heard of yet. Have a great day!