My Junior Year Goals

It’s become a tradition for me to write out my goals for the semester the night before school begins, so tonight at 9pm the day before my junior year begins I’m typing away trying to get all of my thoughts onto paper. This semester I have a lot of things that will be on my plate, I’m involved in three organizations, writing this blog, taking a full course load, and beginning the process of finding an internship for next summer. I’m also in the process of applying for an exciting opportunity for next semester. With all of this and wanting to work out and have a social life, I have to have my goals written out so I know what I’m working towards. Not only is this list published on my blog, but I keep it in my planner as well so that I can reference it when I plan each week.

My junior year goals

Use the opportunities given by my university to network

I go to Mizzou, so we have all kinds of opportunities to network and interview with companies that come onto campus. While I’ve taken advantage of several of these opportunities, I don’t feel like I’ve used the opportunity to my full advantage. My goal for this semester is to stay on top of the calendar for the business school so that I know when these opportunities arise and can add them to my planner so that I can attend.

Continue pursuing and researching an exciting opportunity for next semester

While I’m not ready to spill the beans on what exactly it is that I’m applying for (more details will come if I end up getting to do this opportunity obviously!) I’m hoping to continue my research and get the opportunity to interview. If I get the interview, I plan to dive more into research so I can plan out exactly what I want to do if I were to have the opportunity next semester. If I don’t end up getting this opportunity, I want to know that at least I tried.

Rush a business fraternity

Confession time: I missed the opportunity to interview for a majority of the business fraternities last semester, so this summer I made a list about when the interview process is for each business fraternity so that I can make the interviews. I would love the opportunity to be involved in a business fraternity and network with different companies.

Keep up with my blog

Obviously I have a bit of an issue with consistency when it comes to my blog. I’m too hard on myself as to the content that I expect of myself and then end up just not posting anything at all. This semester I’m stepping back a little bit and making blogging goals that are much more reasonable for me as a college student. I’m planning to post twice a week and will even soon begin to offer the ability to guest post on my blog. I’ve also done my research and found social media schedulers which will make the overwhelm of so many social networks less overwhelming.

I’ve also made a list of things I personally want to reach with my blog. I have two years left of college which means my blog will be taking a bit of a different direction then. I’ve laid out the kind of content I want to publish to finish out my time as a college blogger and have even done a bit of mapping out of the direction I want to go after graduation. If I want to reach some of the goals I have set, I have to keep up with my blog.

Find workout classes to stay consistent with.

For the last two years I’ve gone to work out classes that fit my schedule. I’ve always made it at least twice a week to the gym, but not I’m hoping to find one or two classes to stay consistent with every week. While I still hope to be spontaneous with the other workout classes I attend, it’s a personal goal of mine to keep up with two.

Get all A’s and B’s

I would love to try and get all A’s and B’s this semester. I think it would be great to finally get my grades back to where they were prior to having mono. Because mono definitely knocked me off my feet in a not so great way.

Become more active as a volunteer.

While I’m pretty involved on campus, I can’t help but think that the volunteer aspect of my life has slipped a little since coming to college. I’ve already done some research about volunteer opportunities on campus and I’m excited for the opportunities on campus that I’ve found. I don’t have quite as much time as I had in high school to volunteer, but I’m hoping to find volunteer work at least once a month or so.

Keep up with friendships

Unfortunately my sophomore year I had trouble balancing everything. First semester I had mono and second semester I ended up struggling with balancing a pretty demanding job. This semester I hope to be able to catch back up with the friends that have (thankfully) been understanding through the craziness.

So now I’m curious, what are some of your goals for the next few months? Whether you are in high school, college, or in the work force, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

  • Last spring I went to a networking event hosted by my school’s chapter of a national organization, and it was awesome! It was really informative, and I learned a lot from hearing all about different board members’ career experiences and from asking my own questions. I definitely recommend taking advantage of your campus opportunities, as you mentioned, and attending something similar, if you can. I’m also looking for another internship in my field. Good luck with everything this semester!

    Alexa |