Today I decided to write a post that will be a little more personal. A week ago I started my third year of college and to say I’ve learned a thing or two about myself since high school would be an understatement. I thought it would be fun to write a letter to my eighteen year old self. Three years ago I had just started my senior year of high school and was attempting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had carefully planned which universities I would apply to and I quickly began researching what I wanted to be involved in. Three years down the road, I want to explain to naïve eighteen year old Megan what the next three years of her life will hold. So with that, here is my letter to my eighteen year old self.


Dear 18 year old me,

First of all, happy birthday! Your senior year of high school will fly by in a matter of seconds. I know you are tired of school uniforms and having a small class of only 18 kids, but let me tell you something. A year from now you will miss that fact that you could choose your clothes for the day in less than a minute and you will miss the 18 kids that make up your class that have been by your side since the 2nd grade. You have absolutely no idea just how naïve you truly are and all of the college online classes that you are taking will pay off. And congratulations on getting accepted to Mizzou. It’s always been your dream school and you will love it there. I promise.

Speaking of Mizzou, good luck in the dorms. Remember to never shower in the middle shower, never touch any of the walls of the shower, and to keep extra tooth brushes around for when you drop yours on the nasty floor. The red head that lives down the hall will end up being one of your best friends and your RA will end up being a huge role model in your life. I hate to break it to you, but your roommate will definitely not be a bridesmaid in your wedding. In fact, you end up not having the best roommate experience. Even though it felt like a month of hell until new living situations could be found, just know that you grow from the experience. You learned to be confrontational, stand your own ground, and actually make your thoughts known. And I’m forever proud of you for how much you grew.

You also survived a crazy thing called rush week and accepted a bid to an incredible sorority, Phi Mu. Bid Day is magical and yes, the t-shirts are just as amazing as you had hoped. The study hours girl that always meets in the cute little coffee shop ends up being one of the girls you look up to the most. Be sure you soak in all of the tips, stories, and experiences she shares with you. She will be the person that is there through college algebra and the one that meets with you when you are struggling through second semester. Despite the rumors, you actually dropped because there were other things you wanted to be involved in that sorority responsibilities hindered you from being able to join.

Speaking of organizations, you’ve become very involved within leadership organizations. You now help lead a class about finding your leadership style and help market leadership organizations around campus. You have office hours to attend to, make presentations to small and large groups, and even conduct interviews for people hoping to join the organization. I’m super proud of the fact that you’ve taken these opportunities by the horns and found organizations you love and are passionate about. I love that you faced a fear of yours and present to large groups of people now. You actually have gotten pretty good at it too.

College will knock you down several times. You won’t pass two classes, you will end up with mono for six weeks, and you get your first rejection letter from an organization you were hoping to join. But here’s the thing, you didn’t let college win. When you didn’t pass those classes you stood back up and went in the second time knowing exactly what to do. In fact, the second time around you passed those classes with flying colors. After receiving the rejection letter, you end up finding both of the organizations that make your college experience amazing. You love the people that you are surrounded by and can’t get enough of your leaders. As for the mono, that one didn’t knock you down either. You still had perfect attendance, maintained 15 hours of classes, and got the best GPA of your college career. How’s that for kicking mono in the butt? I’m super proud of you for that.

College also brings a weird new aspect to your life, boys. They give you a lot more attention now and you may even find some of the boys giving you attention attractive as well. You will meet boys that you are glad never met your parents, a bonus of waiting to date until moving away to college, you will be in your first relationship, and ultimately, end up with your heart broken. Break ups suck. But with each one you learn a little bit more about yourself and what you want in the next boy you date.

And finally, remember that plan you made for college before your senior year of high school started? The one about how you wanted to live in the dorms first year, the sorority house second year, and be an RA the last two? And how you wanted to be involved in a sorority for all four years and be in something dance based? Well, none of that happens. In fact, the only thing that ends up staying the same is being in the dorms for freshman year and marketing being your major. Put the pencil down and allow yourself to get immersed in Mizzou. What ends up being your college experience will be even better than you ever imagined, even if there are a few bumps along the way.

  • I love how sincere and honest this letter was. It sounds like you learned a lot from your time at college. I can 100% relate to the roommate portion of the letter. My roommates situation was not perfect either. Yet, I wouldn’t trade that experience because it has helped me stand up for myself, being confrontational, and not let my voice be silence.

    -Kim 🙂