Day in the Life of a College Junior

Just like my semester goals posts are a tradition for me, my day in the life posts are a tradition as well. And while these posts aren’t the ones bringing in all of the views on my blog, I write them for myself. In a few years I will be able to look back on posts about how I spent my time throughout college while school was in and out of session. And that’s something that I’m very much so looking forward to being able to do.
But before we get started, let me just say that every day is not the same for me. I’m involved in several organizations, go to professional development courses, blog, work out, do school work, go to class, and work within the business school to better myself professionally. No day is ever the same for me, but I do have a routine that I always seem to stick to because without it I’d be lost without it. Just read this knowing that not every day looks like this. At all. Some days I’m focused on school work, other days I’m doing blogging tasks, and some days all I seem to have are organization meetings. Welcome to the crazy, hectic life of a twenty something. Enjoy friends.

6:15am- Call me old school, but I wake up every morning to an alarm clock rather than my phone clock. Otherwise, I would not get up and moving. I immediately make my bed as soon as I get up. If I don’t have plans to hit the gym on campus later in the day, I head to the gym at my apartment complex. If I have plans to go to the gym later in the day I take this time to work on some school work. Crazy I know, but I work best in the morning. On this particular day I headed to the gym at my apartment complex. And pro-tip: if you have trouble finding motivation to hit the gym in the morning, sleep in your gym clothes. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.
7:00am- After the gym I head back to my apartment and get ready. I turn on my coffee machine as soon as I walk in the door, hop in the shower to wash my hair and body, and make a hot cup of coffee. Then I do my make-up, hair, and get dressed for the day.
8:15am- Breakfast time. Lately I’ve been in a strawberry yogurt and granola mode, which means I’ll probably be eating this for breakfast for the next year. During this time I also pull out my planner and go over my schedule and to-do list for the day.
8:30am- Blogging tasks for the day. If I had a post go up, I double check to make sure everything looks good. I’ll also post on Instagram for the day and reply to e-mails. My Facebook and Twitter posts are typically either scheduled on Sunday or Wednesday night, but I always scroll through at least Twitter to stay caught up with everything.
9am- Since I don’t have class until 11, I work on reading and copying over notes for classes during this time.
10:20am- Pack up my stuff and head outside to stand at the shuttle stop to get to campus for my 11 am class. My apartment complex actually has a shuttle that takes us from the complex to campus and just runs that loop all day. It’s super convenient.
11am- Time for an afternoon of classes!
1:45pm- Out of class for the day and honestly probably eating the rest of the snacks I have packed for the day. After class I head over to the leadership office for my office hours.
2pm- I’m an ambassador for the leadership office on campus so I hold my office hours after class. During this time I answer students’ questions about being involved in leadership organizations on campus and even coordinate talking to larger groups about getting involved. I love the staff at the office and am always so glad that I decided to interview for this opportunity.
3pm- After I’ve finished with office hours I head over to the gym for cycle class. Typically I don’t go to the gym twice in one day, but my best friend is a cycling instructor and ending up subbing for the 3:30 cycle class this day. I couldn’t tell her no, so I ran over to get changed to join the class.
3:30pm- Cycling class time! Cycling is one of my absolute favorite classes to take and always have been. Since gyms off campus have stopped offering them I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I have to enter the real world.
4:30pm- Finished with cycling and freshening myself up before a few hours of homework.
5pm- Settled into my favorite spot in the Student Center with some dinner to get some school work done. I met up with several friends to get some motivation to get work done.
7pm- Pack up my belongings and say good bye to my friends so I can head to my 7:30 organization meeting. I absolutely love the organizations I’ve found and have been able to be a part of.
9pm- The meeting ran a little late tonight, but I’m finally able to catch the shuttle to head home.
9:30pm- Begin my night time routine of showering, washing my face, using my moisturizers, blow drying my hair, and brushing my teeth.
10:15pm- I crawl into bed and grab my laptop to work on blog stuff. I make sure that the next post I have scheduled is good to go and schedule posts for Twitter as needed. If I have any posts planned to write (or have the energy for that matter) I work on either writing a post or editing pictures for a post.
10:30 or 11pm- Depending on what I had to write for my blog, I head to bed!

I’d love to hear about a day in your life. What time do you typically wake up and go to bed? When are you most productive? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

  • okay, so impressed! I have class at 8:30 monday through thursday and I can barely get out of bed on time!