My Backpack Essentials

Confession: I might be a slight creeper when it comes to the contents of people’s purses and backpacks. I’m always curious as to what their essentials are and what they carry with them so that I can justify my Mary Poppins everything bag to myself. In back to school season fashion, I thought it might be fun to share with you what’s in my college backpack.


My Backpack

As a college student I highly recommend a North Face backpack. There is a reason they are a trend of sorts amongst college students. Not only do they have padded straps to help protect your back from the weight of your text books, they are also water-proof. If you have any experience in college, you know just how important it is that your backpack be water proof. From trecking to class in the pouring rain to setting your backpack on the floor in the lecture hall where the floors are wet, you need to know what your things are protected.

What’s Inside

My Planner

It wouldn’t be a post on my blog if I didn’t mention my planner. I’m not kidding when I say my planner is what keeps my life together. It contains all due dates, class times, organization meetings, and more. Having it in my backpack when I go to class is perfect because if a professor announces a quiz date I can always quickly pencil it in so that I remember. If you buy anything mentioned in this post, buy a planner. Please. You can also check out a more in-depth post about how I organize my planner here.

Pilot G-2 Pens

Hands down my favorite pens for notetaking are the Pilot G-2 pens. Personally, I never have any issues with them dying on me and I love how they write. I might be a crazy person for thinking that certain pens make my handwriting look better, but I promise these make my chicken scratch class notes look legible. And they come in all kinds of different colors which means I can rotate colors while rewriting notes or taking book notes to my heart’s desire. It’s the little things that keep you motivated in college, colored pens is one of them.


I buy a 5 subject notebook to take my class notes in and then rewrite them into a separate notebook for each class later on. Only carrying one notebook at a time instead of five saves space in my backpack and doesn’t kill my back. It’s a win win.

Water bottle

You will never see me on campus without some form of water bottle. If I’m desperate some days I even use a thermos for my water simply because I’m behind on doing the dishes. Water keeps me going throughout the day and I can honestly tell when I haven’t had my normal water intake for the day.


If you’ve been following me for a while you might remember when I mentioned going through several umbrellas my freshman year (you can check out that post here). I can’t stress it enough to actually go out and spend a little extra money to buy a good umbrella. I never would have guessed the number of times I’d reach for one during my college career. My umbrella is in my backpack at all times and thankfully, the umbrella I currently have is over a year old.


Being a business major I probably should have labeled this section with calculators considering the fact that I have 3 different kinds of calculators in my backpack because classes require different ones. My calculators are always in my backpack just in case I need to run into tutoring or decide to meet up with friends to do homework and study on campus. Plus, I think it’s helpfully to use my calculator during class so that I can make sure I’m properly inputting everything.

Back-up pencils and pens

Back-up pencils and pens aren’t to be used regularly during class. These pens and pencils are to go into your backpack that you forget about until you realize you ran out of led or forgot your pencil pouch at home before a test. No matter how organized and put together you are, sometimes you forget things or don’t realize just how low on led your pencils are. Personally, I forgot my pencil pouch at home before a math test and was super thankful that I keep back-ups in the front pouch of my backpack.

School folder

While I keep a folder for each class, I also have my school folder. In this folder I have all syllabi, office hour schedules, my due dates calendar, and any assignments that need to turn in that day. That way everything that I need is in one place. And yes, I did take inspiration from the elementary school homework folder. Some systems you have in life are meant to stay around for a while, just like the homework file.

That’s what is in my backpack, but now I’m curious. What’s in your backpack? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.