My Skincare Routine: Busy College Student Edition

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I’ll be completely honest and admit that being a busy college student definitely has taken a tole on me, especially when it comes to my skin care routine. If my “routine” can even be called that. It was more like take off my make-up with a make-up wipe, throw on some lotion, and fall into bed utterly exhausted. Something had to change.


When I got my Clarisonic Mia 2 I laughed. How in the world was I going to add something like this into my routine? When would I have the time? It basically was like having a facial at home every night, as with the facials that I have had always use a Clarisonic of some sort. No way was this going to work for me.


I was wrong you guys. I was very very wrong. The Clarisonic Mia 2 is one of the best products I’ve found in my college years and I don’t name things lightly. I have very sensitive skin. And while my days of needing a prescription for acne face wash are long gone (thankfully), I am getting older as weird as that is to say at the age of 21. You only have one set of skin and you need to take care of it. This product is perfect for that. It gives a gentle wash on my skin and doesn’t bring up acne. Honestly I’m blessed with good skin (unless it’s finals. Finals kills my skin) and I was pretty worried what something like this would do. Turns out, it only makes my skin softer and made me realize that a make-up wipe is not a replacement for washing your skin. Essentially, now I can say that I have something you can refer to as a skincare routine and not just something I do before falling into bed at night.


Do you have any skin changing secrets? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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