How to Plan Your Day Like a #GirlBoss

Whether you are in high school, college, interning, or working in the big scary real world, planning your day is crucial. We all have a million things going on; date nights, socials, work, meetings, work-out class, girl’s night, church, managing our side hustles, and the list goes on. In order to be able to make it through this hectic thing called life it’s important to be able to plan well and in a manageable way. Today I’m here to give you my tips and tricks to staying on top of it all.

Make a top three

Implementing this strategy was a game changer for my personal time management. Sitting down and writing out the three things that I absolutely have to get done for the day helps me to prioritize and know what I need to set my sights on. Plus, once I’ve completed my top three for the day, everything else that I do on my to-do list feels like a bonus.

Set phone reminders

I’m a college student, in three student organizations, run this blog, am applying to internships, work out, and hope to be able to squeeze in somewhat of a social life. Putting reminders in my phone has been crucial for me, even if it is for something silly. For example, I always typically have to take my work out bag to campus so I can hit the gym after class but I always forget it no matter how good my intentions are. I set a reminder on my phone to go off at the time I head out the door so I remember to grab my work out bag. I’m proud to say that with this method I’ve only forgot my gym bag once—which hey, is a big improvement from what it was before.

Work ahead

If you are a college student use your free time to get ahead on reading assignment notes or flashcards. If you blog use free time to get ahead on blog posts, pictures, and social media. If you publish YouTube videos use free time to film. If you work use free time to catch up and get ahead on e-mails. While free time seems to come rarely, use it wisely as it comes. It’s all worth it in the end, promise.

Know your limits

In contrast to the above, know your limits. If you are dragging your feet through writing that blog post, then put your computer away and relax. Know your limits. I promise you don’t have to be doing something productive at every waking hour of the day.

Use time saving tricks

If you spend 30 minutes in the morning in line for Starbucks, make your coffee at home and use those 30 minutes to answer e-mails and schedule social media posts. If you have a long drive to work, use the time you commute to listen to podcasts about something you love such as blogging, your work, even a book. Even if that commute time is used to listen to a book on tape, you are allowing yourself the time to hear the book. While it might not count as truly reading in every book worms eyes, it’s something.

Use an hourly spread and to-do list planner spread

I’ve always been a planner girl. And I’ve definitely always been a horizontal planner girl. It wasn’t until I entered college that I learned about the magical thing that is hourly and to-do list layouts. This has become the perfect way for me to visualize my day and coordinate my to-do list with my agenda for the day. It’s been a huge step in bettering my time management and if you haven’t tried a layout like this I highly recommend you look into it.

Set aside time for date nights, girl’s nights, nights in, pampering yourself, etc.

Just like you’ve set aside time to study, work, go to meetings, and hit the gym, you should also set aside time for yourself. For me, I like to plan my hair, nails, and brow appointments on a Friday so that I can relax before the week and I schedule in self-pamper nights Sunday evening so I can sit down with a glass of wine and a good book. Set aside time for yourself and schedule in your girl’s nights. I promise it’s just as important as hitting the gym and going to your organization meetings and that it won’t hurt your side hustle to do something for yourself.

How do you plan your day and stay on top of everything? What tips would you add to this list? Any tips from this list that you swear by? If you are working on getting organized, which of these tips are you hoping to implement? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!