7 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About the DCP Application

I’ve never been as nervous to fill out an application as I was when I filled out the application for the Disney College Program. Maybe it’s because I realize participating in the program is time sensitive or maybe it’s because I’m a complete Disney brand geek, either way, I was nervous. Nervous in the fact that my hands were shaking, I called my mom at least twice, and I went over my spelling and grammar an embarrassing amount of times before I clicked to go to the next page. Needless to say, it was a nerve racking experience. Today I’m sharing with you what I wish I knew before I applied to the Disney College Program.

Don’t put preference for a job if you aren’t interested

Upon entering the application you will get a page that shows the roles that they need people to apply for. This typically includes QSFB, housekeeping, custodial, and lifeguard. If those aren’t roles that you are interested in, do not mark that you have interest in them. It is understandable that you are willing to do just about whatever it takes to get into the program, but don’t set yourself up to have to do a role for several months that you aren’t interested in or won’t enjoy. Just know, anything you mark interest in is a potential role that you can be assigned to.

Read over each and every role at the park(s) you are applying for

Knowing what each and every role does at the parks and what their jobs consist of is very important. Working merchandise isn’t what you would consider an “average” merchandise job. With merchandise, you can even spend your days renting out strollers and wheel-chairs and with attractions you can even spend time helping with parking. Know what you are getting yourself into. I made a list of roles I was interested in before I even opened the application just so I could preference the ones that I really wanted.

Know key words from the position descriptions and use them in describing your prior experience

Personally, I think that incorporating key words from the Disney website descriptions into my prior experience fields was one of the best things I did for myself. I talked about experience working as a team and on my own, working in a high pace environment, working in the heat, and more. I knew what Disney was looking for and made sure it was known that I had experienced what they were looking for.

Don’t NOT apply because you have no prior work experience

I was talking to a mutal friend who congratulated me on getting the program. She mumbled under her breath that she wished that she could apply, but that she didn’t have any prior work experience other than babysitting. Don’t let not having prior job experience stop you from applying. You can even mention babysitting as a prior job and talk about your work volunteering or in student organizations. I’ve seen people who have the Disney College Program listed as their very first “real” job, so don’t let anything stop you.

Don’t lie/boost/round-up your GPA

When you apply for the Disney College Program, you are going to have to share your college GPA. When you type this in, don’t lie, boost it, or round-it up. Let’s say that you have a 3.256 cumulative GPA. When putting that into the system you can’t put that you have a 3.5, 3.3, 3.26, etc. You have to put in 3.256 or if anything, 3.25. Your GPA will be checked with someone on campus and so it needs to be inputted correctly.

Don’t freak out if you don’t get a sign out button

At the end of the application you get a prompt to press the sign out button. Personally, I didn’t get one and many of the people who I have talked to didn’t have one on their application either. I honestly even e-mailed Disney to make sure everything was okay. Don’t do that. Instead, keep the page open and open your dashboard and check to make sure it says that you’ve submitted an application. If it says there is an application, you are good to exit out of the application page.

Know that after submitting your application, Disney can take a while before notifying you

After applying, you should get two e-mails. One will be a thank you for applying e-mail and one will notify you if you have moved onto the web based interview (WBI). Unfortunately, it is sometimes common to get a no longer in consideration e-mail (NLIC) e-mail in place of the e-mail notifying you that you’ve progressed to the WBI. Don’t be too upset if you get the NLIC e-mail, I promise that you can apply again the next semester.

Have you ever applied to the Disney College Program? What do you wish you would have known beforehand? If you are applying to the program, did you learn anything from this post? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!