Dear Pre-DCP Me

I don’t share personal posts on my blog very often, but I thought that this would be a fun post to share. I started this blog in the hopes that in the years to come I could look back at it and remember particular times from my life and I’m hoping that this post will do just that. Maybe this post will even inspire you to write a post to pre-college, pre-new job, pre-whatever you. And if you are planning on doing the DCP yourself, maybe you will write one as well! If you care to share, please leave it in the comments below.

Dear Pre-DCP Me,

Today you leave on the adventure of a lifetime. For the sixth time in the last two and a half years, your stuff is in boxes and stuffed in your trunk. While the nineteen-hour drive will be a bit of a trek, it will all be worth it in the end. And you can’t complain about time to talk with mom and discuss how extremely excited you are to pursue this.

The summer before your senior year of high school you wrote a five-year plan detailing everything that you hoped to do and accomplish your last year of high school and your time in college. The Disney College Program wasn’t on that list. Thank goodness you have finally learned that it’s okay to stray from your perfectionist ways and pursue opportunities you hadn’t even known about. You’ve always been a marketing nerd and the Disney brand is something you have followed for years. I know you are super excited to learn all of the behind-the-scenes and tips behind the world’s most authentic brand.

This is a once in a life time opportunity where the parks will always be at your fingertips. Who else gets to say that they had the opportunity to explore Disney and go on roller coasters before their shift at work? I hope that you take this opportunity by the reigns and go for it. Go to the parades, eat your weight in Dole Whip, don’t get stuck on just going to the Magic Kingdom, find a new appreciation for Animal Kingdom, beg to ride Space Mountain with the lights on, and cry each and every time you have the opportunity to meet a princess. Being a 21-year-old in the park means absolutely nothing, so I hope you rock your Minnie Mouse ears with the matching t-shirts you’ve ordered.

You wrote a bucket list and I hope you at least attempt to cross the majority of the things off. You tried to keep it to manageable things and things that are in reach of a person on the program. You might have incorporated a few things off of Disney property, but it’s all stuff you hope to accomplish during your time there. I hope if anything, you get there and are able to start crossing things off or just laugh and rewrite it since there were so many amazing things you didn’t know about.

I hope you create magical moments for guests. I hope you make moments for them that they remember even after their trip because the sweet blond cast member made their day. I hope you work your little booty off and always appreciate the fact that you are working for Disney. Never lose the magic of walking into the parks every day. I hope you don’t stray away from the parks because you work in them, I hope working in them encourages you even more to play in them since you’ve grown to appreciate Disney and what it does even more.

I hope you learn what experiences verses items you want to buy and invest your money in. While several items to purchase are a must on your list, sometimes the experiences are worth even more. You better put aside the money to learn to surf, swim with dolphins, and get a Universal pass because I think those are some pretty cool things to say you did on your program.

I hope you have an amazing time with your roommates. Your group chat has been blowing up for months excitedly awaiting the day that you can move into your apartment together. You already have several outings planned and reservations made throughout the program. I hope you have crazy fun with them and make all kinds of memories, whether in the parks or in the apartment.

Hope you have a magical time!