6 Things I Wish I Knew Before the DCP WBI

I’m always honest on my blog and in this post I’ll be completely honest in the fact that this part of the application process is what had me most nervous. I don’t do well with timed things and I didn’t know how I would react if the final page popped up and said I wouldn’t be progressing on. I called my mom before pressing ‘go’ and literally made her stay on the line the whole time as I completed the WBI to be moral support of sorts (read: help me emotionally if the last page told me I wouldn’t proceed in the interview process). And if you have read my prior DCP posts, yes, my poor mother had to deal with a very anxious me throughout the whole application process, even if she wasn’t providing verbal support.

While the WBI is what shook me up the most about applying for the program, I’m hoping with the tips I share today you won’t have that same experience and that your mom won’t have to sit silently while you go through the WBI in case you have an emotional breakdown at the end. And if you’ve already completed the WBI I hope you find that you can relate to my reaction to the WBI. The nerves were real y’all.

You get your answers on the very last page

I honestly know that this is the reason why I was so nervous going into the WBI and why I reacted the way I did (read the above explanation. Sorry mom! I love you and appreciate that you understood I wanted someone to talk to the minute I saw my results). The very last page does tell you whether you will be moving on to the phone interview or if, sadly, you are no longer in consideration. Just continue to remember, there really seems to be no method to the madness in how Disney selects people based off of the application, WBI, and phone interview.

Each question is timed

I knew that it was timed going in, but what I wasn’t aware of going in until the main page was that each question was timed. You had a minute or less to read the question and select your answer, which gives you plenty of time to read and select something, but not enough time to mull over an answer. So just know going in, you need to be able to select an answer that matches you the best and then move on.

Don’t freak out if you don’t get the chance to answer a question

I joined the Facebook pages a few days before applications opened and watched as posts rolled in with people freaking out over missing one or two questions on their WBI and fearing that after the phone interview it would lead to the end of their chances. Totally not the case. While we don’t know Disney’s selection methods, I can tell you that simply missing the chance to answer a question or two doesn’t through you out of the mix. Disney knows that the questions are timed and that you have to be quick on your feet to answer, so they also know that means there is the chance you might not answer them all. Breath if you miss one. It’s okay. I promise. I missed one as well during my WBI.

Be honest in your answers

When you complete an online interview like this there will often be questions that will pop up again either worded exactly the same way or worded in a different way that means basically the same thing. It’s important to answer true to yourself in these questions because they will pop up again just as a double-check to make sure your answers are true to you.

Lean towards strongly agree/ strongly disagree

While you should always stay true to yourself, leaning towards strongly agree or strongly disagree is always a good thing to do with these sorts of online interviews. Neutral isn’t always seen as a good answer because since they haven’t talked to you personally, they don’t know your thought pattern behind why you selected that. If “are you good helping and serving customers” pops up, I know to select strongly agree because I am confident in my customer service skills and want to show that it is a strong trait of mine.

Take a deep breath before hitting go

I promise, the 20-30 minutes it takes to complete the interview will fly by! Take a deep breath, remind yourself that you can do this, and hit go.

Have you ever taken the web-based interview for the DCP? If so, do you agree with these tips or have anything that you would like to add on? And if you are planning on applying to the DCP, do you think any of these tips will help you or was this post useful for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!