The Do’s and Don’ts of the DCP Phone Interview

The DCP phone interview. Probably the most stressful part of the already stressful application process. If you are a part of the Facebook pages during the interview process, I wish you luck. The pages blow up with people flipping out about a late phone call, fearing NLIC, feeling they totally nailed it, and even questioning if they should change their interview time because of something that has come up. You read on the forums about people writing 8 pages of notes before going into the interview. Today, I’m here to tell you the do’s and don’ts of the DCP phone interview.

Do: Look over potential interview questions

Being prepared for questions that could come your way during an interview is always important. In fact, I have a list of almost 150 questions that you could be asked during your phone interview. Be sure to look over the general questions that you could be asked and potential questions for every role that you preferenced. None of us really know how Disney choses what roles they will interview you on, so be prepared for anything. You can’t always rely on the fact that you will be interviewed on your top roles, so be prepared and know questions you could be asked about other roles.

Don’t: Follow someone else’s interview answers

On the Facebook pages and multiple blogs you will find how people suggest you should answer the questions. Don’t follow those. Why you ask? Because it isn’t true to you. Yes, I’m sure that they are great answers, but they aren’t your answers. You want to be true to yourself during your interview and you don’t want to be the person reading off answers that someone else wrote out. Be yourself and have your own answers, I promise it is worth it.

Do: Have a post-it note to write down your interviewer’s name

It is almost expected by the recruiters that you will thank them by name at the end of your interview. And by recruiters, I mean anyone at any company that is interviewing you. At Disney, it is also very important to do this. Because it’s a phone interview, take advantage of the fact that you can write down the recruiter’s name so that you remember it by the end. My recruiter definitely seemed to appreciate that I thanked her by name at the end just by the tone of her voice. No matter what, you need to show them appreciation because I’m sure recruiting season is long.

Don’t: Have more than one page of notes

If you are on the Facebook pages you will see all kinds of posts with 10+ papers taped to a wall with potential interview questions and the answers that people want to use. First of all, you won’t have enough time to dig through those papers no matter how you tape them up, if you pause to answer for too long I’m sure the recruiter will expect that you have answers written out, and if you do find a question that you have answered in a quick manor, it’s fairly easy to tell when someone is reading something off. Save yourself the stress of digging through papers and cut it down to one page of answers, advice, etc. and keep it easy and authentic.

Do: Send a ‘Thank you’ e-mail to recruiting

After you have completed your interview, send an e-mail to recruiting with your interviewer’s name as “Attn: ‘Insert Interviewer’s Name’” in the title. In the e-mail thank them for taking the time out of their day to interview them then incorporate something specific that you said during your interview so that it helps them remember you. For example, one of my questions for the end of my interview was, “Since I’m a marketing nerd, I’d love to know what your favorite part of working for the Disney brand is.” Because of this question, I incorporated parts of her answer that I enjoyed in all of my marketing nerdiness.

Don’t: Freak out if your recruiter calls late

Recruiting season is hectic. While yes, it is stressful to have to wait to get a call from your recruiter, know that they can be running behind especially if your interview is later in the day. While the website says they can call 45-60 minutes late, I’ve heard of some instances in which people waited an hour and a half to two hours. Just be patient and keep your phone on. If you end up missing the call because the call was so much later than expected or you don’t get a call at all, e-mail recruiting or even find the recruiting phone number. Mistakes happen and they will definitely always do their best to make sure you get to interview.

Do: Have a mirror in front of you during the interview

When a friend who had recently done a phone interview gave me this tip I laughed. Why in the world would I want to look at myself in a mirror during an interview? Well, it turns out you do want to look at yourself in the mirror during a phone interview. Since you aren’t physically talking to someone, you often stop showing interest in your posture and in your smile. Fun fact: it’s easy to tell if someone is smiling while they talk even if you aren’t looking at them. Having the mirror in front of you insures that your posture and your smile are in check during your interview.

Don’t: Be somewhere that you have bad cell service

While service being dropped is out of our control, if you know you get bad service somewhere don’t go there for your interview. I saw people on the Facebook pages who had bad cell service in their apartments and do their phone interviews in their parked cars because reception is better there. I even know of people who scheduled study rooms on their university’s campus to do their phone interview. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have good cell service.

Do: Have questions for the end of the interview

On my one sheet of paper for interview notes I made sure to include three questions that I wanted to ask at the end of my phone interview. In any interview, it’s always important to have at least one question ready to go for the end of the interview, so you should be prepared for the end of your Disney interview as well. I personally chose 3 questions because if I had a lot of time left at the end of my interview, I wanted to have questions to fill the time. I ended up only being able to ask 2 of them, but I’d rather be prepared than unprepared.

Don’t: Wait to come up with questions for the end

I’ve heard in several professional development classes that it’s encouraged to come up with questions for the end based off of your interview. While it’s great if you can come up with a question, you don’t want to have to come up with something quickly just because you don’t want to hang up. Have two or three questions ready to go and if you think a good questions based off of your interview use that instead of your planned questions.

Do: Be prepared for your interview 20 minutes early

My phone interview was 15 minutes earlier than planned. I am forever grateful that I was ready 20 minutes early with my phone out and on loud, had my pen out, interview sheet ready, and had mentally prepared myself for the interview.

Don’t: Ask how they got started with the Disney company

Everyone and their mother asks the recruiters how they got started with the Disney company. By now, if you ask that question they know you’ve been on the Facebook pages and you won’t stick out from the other potential CP’s. Ask questions that are more original and will help you stand out in the interview process.

Have you ever interviewed for the DCP? If so, what do’s and don’ts would you add to this list? If you have an interview coming up, which tips did you find most helpful? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!