The Ultimate Disney College Program Packing List

Whether you are driving or flying to get to Disney for your program, you have a lot of stuff to fit into a small space. I’ve only ever moved three hours away from home for college, never across the country. To say the least, it was a bit intimidating to narrow my stud down for what I needed to have. So once I got settled in I started writing this list. I included what I packed, what I wish I had packed, and what I wish the other blogs would have included. Remember, this list is what it personalized to me. Feel free to print this off and make your own edits to it as needed.


-Tank tops (typically people learn more towards sleeveless top rather than spaghetti straps, but it’s up to you)




-Athletic shorts





-Dress for graduation

-Sun dresses for nice dinners


-Comfy clothes (sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc.)

-Rain jacket

-Rain boots

-Professional, business casual outfits for Traditions and Casting (think dress pants, blazer, blouse, button-up, nice shoes, and accessories)


-Cover up

-Flip flops

-Athletic shoes



-Alarm clock (this is first on the list because I almost forgot mine and I don’t wake up with a phone alarm)

-Mattress protector

-Sheet set


-Pillow case


-Extra blankets (if you are like me and always cold this is a must!)

-Stuffed animals/pillow pet/lovie

-Laundry hamper

-Fan (a must if you need white noise to sleep)

-Hanging closet organizers

-Plastic 3 drawer organizers

-Under the bed storage containers

-Decorations for walls/bulletin board

-3M Command Hooks (currently what is allowed to hang things in housing)

Personal Items

-Razor and shaving cream

-Extra razor heads

-Shampoo and conditioner

-Body wash

-Face wash

-Body lotion

-Moisturizer/eye cream/toner/make-up remover

-Tooth brush/toothpaste/floss/mouth wash

-Hair brush/hair ties/headbands/bobby pins

-Make-up bag


-Ibuprofen/cold medicine/cough drops

-Any prescribed medicine/inhalers/etc.


-Hand towels/washcloths/ bath towels/beach towels

-Hand soap

-Shower caddy


-Toilet brush

-Bathroom cleaners

Living Room

-Extra blankets (yes, this has been on this list twice, but it’s important)

-Throw pillows

-HDMI Cable


-Cable and Wi-Fi hook-ups

-Cleaning supplies (disinfecting wipes, Windex, Pledge, cleaning cloths, etc.)

-DVD player with DVD’s


-Dishwashing detergent

-Laundry detergent and stain remover

-Coffee maker/coffee mugs/travel mugs

-Water bottles

-Pizza cutter

-Ice cream scoop

-Can opener



-Blender bottle

-Baking sheet/baking pans/muffin tray

-Mixing spoons

-Basic knife set


-Phone charger



-Computer with charger

-iPad with charger

-Point-and-shoot camera/DSLR camera with chargers and memory cards

What do you think are essentials for the college program? Did I miss any essentials for the list? I’d love to hear your comments below!