More of My Favorite Online Disney-related Shops

Back in January I shared with you several of my favorite online Disney-related stores. Since I’ve been in Disney World the past few months I’ve found even more Disney related shops that I had to share with you. Just remember, these shops are in no way affiliated with Disney, they are simply fellow Disney lovers and Disney nerds hoping to spread their own bit of magic. I hope you enjoy this follow up post and check out all of these lovely shop owners.

Ears By Lauren

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I am in love with homemade mouse ears. I simply can’t get enough of them. And when I came across Lauren’s ears I was way too excited for words. I think that Lauren definitely puts her own spin on what is considered a “classic” look for mouse ears because hers just seem so peppy and full of life. I can never get over her gorgeous designs and basically am constantly checking her Instagram page for the latest updates on her store. Her shop isn’t always open, so you have to be sure that you check out her Etsy page to know when the next opening will be. I may or may not track her openings in my planner and set a phone notification, but that’s just me.

Fett and Co

I love having fun Disney clothes to wear in the parks and Fett and Co offers just that. I love their ‘Take Me to Disney and Tell Me I’m Pretty’ t-shirt and I can’t get over their ‘Books, Beauty, Adventure, and a Rose’ t-shirt to name a few. I also love their Instagram feed. Not only do they show their appreciation for customers who wear their gear, but they also share the love for other shops too. And who can’t appreciate that with a business?

Walt’s Wardrobe

From ‘Citizen of Netherland’ t-shirts and sweatshirts to ‘Dapper Dans’ tees, this shop has all kinds of fun and unique merchandise. I love that their shirts don’t completely scream Disney with a ton of mouse ears everywhere, but any Disney fan would know you are spreading the love for the most magical place on earth. And if you want to throw in some subtle Mickey Ears, check out their ‘Disney Vibes Only’ t-shirt. It’s one of my personal favorites along with their Paradise Falls tee and ‘Red Hot Churro Sticks’ shirt.

Anthology Candles

Before leaving for the college program I had no idea that there were Disney themed candles. As someone who always seems to relate scents to different times of my life, I definitely hope to order several of these candles to be waiting on my door step when I arrive home in Missouri. Personally I’ve been eyeing ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’, ‘Churros’, ‘Main Street Bakery’, ‘Pineapple Whip’, and the ‘Confectionary’. Personally, I absolutely love their Instagram because they take the candles to the parks and take pictures of the candles in front of a backdrop that makes sense with the candle scent. Definitely be sure to check it out.

The Bucket List Narratives

This shop is where I got my ‘Forget this, I’m Moving to Disney World’ v-neck that I wore before heading out for my program. This shop offers all kinds of unique tees to sport in the parks. I love their ‘I Heart Mickey Icrecream’ sweatshirt, their ‘The World’ sweatshirt, and the ‘It’s Kinda Fun to Do the Impossible’ crew neck. If you check out the shop, also be sure to check out their awesome blog. They have tips for the best cheap eats, the best tips for first time trips to WDW, and even the top five attractions at WDW. Have I said you absolutely have to check them out yet?

She Makes Glamour

When I found She Makes Glamour, I couldn’t get over her attention to detail and all of the things she incorporates in what seems to be a tiny bow. Personally I love her rag doll, ultimate wizard boy, and every bow in the monsters and fish bows set. And how in the world did I forget the snow booger bow. Literally, if I could only buy one bow from her it would be the snow booger one, it’s just too cute. You have to check her out! I promise it’s worth it.

Have you ever shopped from any of these shops? What are some of your favorites of theirs? Are there any shops you would add to this list of favorite Disney related shops? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!