Disney College Program Housing Rules and Inspections

The DCP has some fairly strict rules to follow while living on property. While it is manageable, there are some that are stricter than your average dorm that you should be aware of, including inspections. In this post I hope to answer all of your questions about how things work in on property housing. Everything from curfews to hanging things on the wall to even having guests over.

Housing Rules

These are the general rules of the housing complex. Please remember that you should always abide by the rules given to you by Disney. This post just serves to give you an idea of some of the rules.

-3M Hooks are (currently) the only things you should be using to hang things on your wall

-You cannot leave doors or windows open or propped open

-Alcohol is only permitted inside non-wellness apartments and not permitted in wellness apartments

-Quiet hours are from 2am-7am

-Participants can stay at other housing complexes until 2am

-Guests can visit (after being checked-in) until 1am

-No more than 16 people can be in one apartment at once

-No smoking inside apartment

-Illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are prohibited in all apartments

-In the apartments you cannot store weapons, firearms, explosives, paintball guns, BB guns, pocket knives, Tasers, toy weapons, darts/dartboards, martial art equipment, grills, space heaters, candles, and incense. These cannot be stored in the apartments or in cars parked in the complex.

-Bicycles cannot be used or stored in the apartment or cars on property

-Unless you have a medical accommodation form, pets are not allowed on property

-You can store skateboards and rollerblades on property, but they cannot be used on property

Housing Inspections

On my current program, we have monthly inspections. Typically, you are given a one to two week window of time when people could come into your apartment for the inspection. It can happen at any time so always be ready during that time frame. And by any time, I mean I’ve been napping and they’ve come, so be prepared. Thankfully, the people who do inspections are very nice though!

-Beds are made

-Floors are mopped and vacuumed

-Tub, shower, sinks, and toilets are wiped down and clean

-Mirrors are cleaned and free of finger prints, water marks, make-up, etc.

-Countertops, dressers, and nightstands are neat and tidy

-Things such as clothes, books, personal possessions, etc. aren’t piled or covering the floors and instead are neat and orderly.

-Microwave/oven/countertops/stovetops/sink are clean and free of clutter

-Furniture and dining room table are not cluttering with food/trash/dishes etc.

-Apartment is organized, neat, and free of clutter

-Air conditioner vents are clean

The housing guide also specifically states things that typically bring up issues such as:

-Dirty laundry or items piled on the floor.

-Trash not taken out on a daily basis. They take off points for each full trashcan

-Expired perishables left in pantry or on countertops

-Dirty dishes out too long

-Mildew in the bathroom

-Food debris in the oven or on the stovetop

-Burns on the countertops

-Prohibited items such as candles out

If you’ve participated in the program, what would you add to this list? If you are new to the program, what tips on this list are new to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.