Life Update: Fantasyland, Magical Moments, and Two More Months!

As many of you know, I’ve taken a semester off of college and am currently participating in the Disney College Program. But I’ve gotten several tweets and e-mails asking for a bit of a life update and some more details on what exactly it is that I’m doing while I’m down here. So, I took that into consideration and am sharing this post with you all today and I also have a Q&A post coming up

Fantasyland Merchandise

In case you didn’t know, I work in Fantasyland Merchandise. I don’t think that my princess loving heart could have gotten a better role! Since I’m in Fantasyland it means that I do rotate between the shops within the land, so you can find me in Sir Mickey’s, Castle Couture, Hundred Acre Goods, Fantasy Faire, Bonjour, and Enchanted Grove. I get to wear a beautiful purple dress that Rapunzel herself designed and we get special pixie dust from Tinkerbell to give our guests magical moments.

I had never worked merchandise before getting cast in this role, so it was overwhelming for the first two weeks to say the least. It took me that time to realize that the majority of our guests that visit the land are there for the magical moments, so even if the transaction takes a little longer, as long as they walk away with a smile on their face, I feel accomplished. Plus, who can resist striking up a conversation about the new Beauty and the Beast movie when you are wrapping up a Chip mug.

Magical Moments

When I was on the phone the other day with a friend she made the comment that it sounded like I was getting more magic out of the moment than the guest. While I definitely put my all into making magical moments for the guests, I do have to admit that most of the time the moments are just as or even more magical for me. Watching a 4-year-old girl’s eyes light up when I tell her about my special pixie dust from Tinkerbell then excitedly close her eyes and make a wish melts my heart each and every time. I love when the elderly couples tell me their stories about how long Disney has been woven into their life stories, that they were there babies when the Disneyland grand opening was aired on TV, their families excitedly went to the grand opening of Disney World, that they brought their kids to Disney, and now they are passing the magic down to their children. I cry happy tears when a little girl excitedly runs up to me in awe because I look like Rapunzel and am in utter disbelief when guests ask for a picture together because I made a magical moment for them.

Playing in the Parks

What has truly made this program magical is the ability to get into the parks to play for free. I’ve learned that Expedition Everest is still one of my favorite rides nearly ten years later and that Splash Mountain will never get old. I’m more than willing to brave the line for the Frozen ride because it tugs at all of my heart strings and I still jump up and down when I get the privilege of meeting a princess or Mickey and the gang. I’ve done four parks in one day with my roommates and may or may not visit the Poly at least once a week for a Dole Whip twist.

I Never Want to Grow Up

Overall, this program has taught me that you really always are a child at heart. I never want to out grow the excitement of meeting a princess or wearing bows in your hair. I don’t ever want to see Disney Bounding as silly and see myself as too old or too sophisticated to do such a thing. I want to run down the streets of Main Street with the same joy I did when I was 8 and spotted Alice and the Mad Hatter. Whether I make the decision to pursue a professional career with Disney or not, I’ve made the decision that no matter where I work an element or two of Disney will be on my desk to remind to never grow up and to never take myself too seriously. It’s the little things.

Two More Magical Months

My program was originally supposed to end on May 25th, but I found out this week I was accepted into my extension and will now be here until July 27th! I’m so excited to see what the next four months hold and am honored that I was chosen to extend my program because I know it was very competitive. Plus, let’s be honest, now I get to be here for the opening of Pandora and get to see the new fireworks show in Magic Kingdom even more.

Want more magical updates? If you liked this post, please let me know! I’d love to keep updating you all on how my program is going!