DCP Q&A: Applying, Roommates, and Work

Last week I mentioned that I would be doing a Q&A and was very excited by the number of questions you all e-mailed me! If you don’t see your question answered in this post, just know that it is because I decided to turn that question into its own post because I felt it was best to go more in-depth for my answer. Today I will be answering all of your questions (that I’m able to that is) relating to applying, interviewing, moving, and being a part of the program.

How many times did you apply to do the program?

I heard about the program right after applications for the Fall 2016 program had closed, so I definitely stumbled into it. I was very lucky and only applied once for the program.

How did you find your roommates?

The Facebook page! While I never posted a roommate survey of my own on the page, I did take the time to read through other surveys of those who were accepted and comment on them. I ended up meeting three girls that way, two of which ended up having different arrival dates, and one of which is currently one of my eight roommates now. I definitely suggest using the page to find roommates, it’s how I found all eight of mine.

Do you recommend saving money before the program starts?

Hands down, yes! I definitely recommend saving money before the program starts so you can cover program fees, the cost of purchasing things when you get down here, and buying souvenirs during the major cast discount. I definitely had saved a lot more money before my program than the majority of my fellow cast members did, but I was bound and determined to buy my stuff during the holiday discount.

As a merchandise cast member, how many hours do you work a week?

As a merchandise cast member I range between 35-50 hours a week. 35 hours is definitely at the lower point of the number of hours I work, I typically get 43-45 a week.

After rent has been taken out of your paycheck, do you still have enough money left over for fun?

Yes! After rent is taken out I definitely still have plenty of money left over to allow some fun. I definitely have to budget to make sure I can cover groceries, gas, and putting money back for the upcoming school year, but I always have at least $70 left over for some fun. Doesn’t sound like much, but it does cover pizza, ice cream, park food, and something from the gift shop if I’m careful with how I spend.

Would you recommend merchandise to others?

Hands down, yes! I would definitely recommend doing merchandise to others looking to do the program! Yes there are rough days, yes there are days that you want to yell at a guest that while this is the most magical place on earth there are still rules, it’s something that I would always recommend to others.

Will you be continuing your DCP posts after the program ends?

Yes! The posts will continue for a while after the program ends because there is a lot that I want to cover. I currently have DCP posts planned through December of this year, with definitely the possibility of adding more to the list.

Any questions that you want answered in a future blog post? Any DCP posts that you want to see in the future? I’d love your in put in the comments below!