My Favorite Disney Bloggers and Vloggers

As a blogger and vlogger myself it’s always been important to me to show appreciation to others in my community. At the moment I’m in Orlando participating in the Disney College Program, which introduced me to a completely new niche of bloggers and vloggers. Today I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my personal favorites. Please remember, these are in no particular order and I chose people no matter when their program was or if they’ve done the program. If they love Disney then they are eligible for this list. With that, let the favorites begin!

Cally Bloxam

Cally is one of the first people that I stumbled upon when I started looking into pursuing the Disney College Program. I knew that I wanted to do the program, but I wanted to hear about the program from someone who had done it. When I came across Cally I came across someone who has a true love and passion for Disney, which was something that I definitely needed to see. I watched her room tour, her DCP haul, her pin collection, her letter to her pre-DCP self, all of it. I fell in love with the idea of the program and doing the program because of Cally essentially. And I have to thank her forever for opening me up to one of the best decisions of my life. Plus, I copied her awesome autograph book idea, so there’s that.

Sarah Bellin

Sarah is one of my personal favorite DCP vloggers. I love her friendship with her former roommate Annie, I love her bubbly personality, and I love how she basically took the DCP opportunity by the horns and used every moment to her advantage. I found her channel through searching for DCP hauls and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I basically used her videos as hype videos before I left for my program. I seriously have my fingers crossed that I have the opportunity to meet Cally and Sarah during my program. As weird as it might sound, I have so much to thank them both for because they gave me the motivation to pursue the craziness that is the DCP.

Tales from the Tower

If you want informational videos about the ins and outs of the DCP, Jessica is your girl. Everything from move-in day tips to advice for surviving DCP housing, Tales from the Tower is the place to go. I found Jessica and her channel because I stumbled upon her DCP memory box video and cried my way through the whole thing. In fact, once I was accepted to the program I went back to her video and made notes on what I want to keep for my DCP memory box. I watched her videos all the way up until I left for my program and still watch them now on the program when I get the chance.

This DCP Girl

I stumbled upon the This DCP Girl through the DCP Spring 2017 Facebook page. Sarah shared the blog posts she had written from her experience during her previous program on the page for us newbies to share. Let’s just say, I was insanely grateful for her. She shared lots of tips on navigating Disney housing, the application process, and the craziness that is working for the Disney company. I’m insanely grateful to say that she’s become a dear blogging friend of mine through sharing potential blog post ideas with her and even being an admin alongside her on the DCP Bloggers Facebook page. I’m forever grateful and amazed by the amazing friendships that blogging has brought me.

Disney at Heart

Jared and Britt are two amazing Disney YouTubers that make me fall in love with Disney more every time I watch them. In fact, I kind of point my finger at Britt for getting me obsessed with Dole Whip, popcorn, and straw, strawberry, strawberry shortcake! I can’t help but have a smile on my face when I face them because they exude genuine happiness. I love their Disney hauls and Disney vlogs, but if I’m being honest they could review just about anything and I’d be watching because I have a slight obsession. In fact, I even told a few friends the other day that if I spot Jared and Britt in Disney I’m going to be way to excited to hopefully talk to them.

Oh Yeah Disney

Scott and Emily are another one of my favorite Disney couples. I love their vlogs that allow you to follow them through the parks and how they share their favorite camera equipment for their amazing photos and videos. I always look forward to their new videos and even seeing what stuffed animals Emily picks out for helping out with videos. If you check out their YouTube channel, you also need to check out their Instagram accounts as well. Their photos are always absolutely gorgeous.

Everything Disney Pins

As much shame as I feel in saying this, I used to laugh at pin trading. I thought it was silly and not worth the money. But those thoughts changed when I came across the Donoho sisters and that opinion completely changed. I saw their love of pins, collecting, and sharing the joy of pins with others and instantly I was hooked. In fact, because I them I hope to choose a series and attempt to trade to get each pin in the set. Along with their Everything Disney Pins channel they also have With the Donohos and Everything Disney Shopping. I honestly am subscribed to and watch each and every video. Nine times out of ten I probably fall asleep to their voices after a long day at work. And to spread the pin joy, check out their online pin store. It’s super organized and has some amazing pins.

Maias DCP

Maia’s DCP channel is another channel that I stumbled upon when researching the DCP. I loved that she shared so many steps of the process from finding roommates, pre-DCP haul, packing, and check in day. She even did Vlogmas while on the program, which is a huge task to complete during the DCP. Currently she posts videos that are Disney related, such as unboxing Disney Legos and sharing information about her online store. I personally own her “Once a Cast Member, always a cast member” t-shirt and I have my fingers crossed that she will add more designs as well.

Do you watch any of these YouTuber’s videos or read any of these blogs? If not, which ones would you recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!