What to Pack for a Day in Disney

As a Disney Cast Member I can say I’ve learned a lot about what you need to carry with you for a day at the parks. I hear it all the time – “I wish I knew to bring ___”. So instead of letting my readers go to the parks unprepared, I thought I would make you all some of the most prepared people at the parks. While yes, I realize that it sounds like you will be camping at the parks with how long this list is, I promise I can fit this stuff in my backpack and make it in the parks.

Cooler with waters, sodas, and snacks

Water and soda at the parks range from $3-4, so to save yourself some money pack drinks and snacks with you. My favorite thing to do is to pack two waters that are ready to go and freeze two waters over night to pack into my lunch box to have ready to go for the next morning so they are still cold in the afternoon while I’m at the parks.

Cooling cloths/wash rags

In Florida it gets hot. The best thing you can do to keep cool is have a cooling cloth or a wash cloth with you. I personally use a wash cloth. I wet it the night before and put it in the freezer. In the morning before I go to the parks I throw it in a Zip Lock bag and have it ready to go in the parks.

Portable phone chargers

Between using your phone to take pictures, checking My Disney Experience for wait times, and playing phone games waiting in line your phone battery will die very quickly. I’ve watched way too many guests run around looking for outlets to charge their phones and quite honestly, you have much better things to be doing on your trip than looking for charging locations.

Portable fans

Portable fans are your life savers in the parks, especially with how many rides have outdoor ques. I picked up several from my local Wal-Mart that I always have with me in my backpack.

Rain ponchos

Florida weather is crazy. One minute it can be 100 degrees and the next it’s pouring rain. Disney’s ponchos cost $10 a piece and the lines to get them are crazy. Bring lots of rain ponchos with you! And pro-tip, when it rains is the best time to head over to Splash Mountain if you are in Magic Kingdom.

Autograph book and Sharpies

If you plan on meeting the characters, I highly recommend coming to the parks with an autograph book and Sharpies in hand. Despite rumors, no, the characters do not keep Sharpies/pens with them, so make sure you bring your own.

Camera with extra batteries and memory cards

Instead of using up all of your phone battery, use a camera instead. This also means that you can have better quality vacation photos than the ones from your iPhone.

Deodorant and perfume

These are must haves since Florida is hot and there is too much on the agenda for the day to not smell good. Plus, with how hot it is another layer of deodorant is never a bad feeling.

Extra change of shirt and socks

Whether it’s because of rain or sweat a change of clothing is never a bad idea. If anything, I highly recommend having an extra shirt and change on socks on hand.

Pennies and quarters

The penny press machines in the parks are very popular. I highly recommend getting some shiny pennies and quarters before you head out for your trip. Pro tip: the easiest way to carry these around is in empty plastic M&M containers.

Pouch for trading pins

If you plan on trading pins with cast members around the parks then you definitely want a pouch to carry the pins in that you are willing to trade. This way they won’t get confused with the ones you are keeping and they won’t fall off your trading lanyard.

Make-up to touch up

While this isn’t a necessity, I would highly recommend it if you have plans to take lots of nice family pictures or if you have reservations at one of our nicer sit down restaurants.

Hand-sanitizer and baby wipes

Thousands of people are in the parks every day so it’s very important to have hand-sanitizer with you. I also highly recommend baby wipes or sanitizing wipes of some sort as you never know what instances will come up.

Photo ID

For purchases over a certain amount cast members are required to ask to see a photo ID before completing your transaction. If you don’t have a photo ID, you will be turned down from making the purchase, so definitely make sure you have an ID on you. (yes, it sounds harsh, but Mickey wants us to ensure it is you making such a big purchase. You will never imagine how many lost credit cards are found on the ground every day.)

Band-Aids and over-the-counter medicine

Band-Aids for blisters and any over the counter medicines to help with an upset stomach, head-ache, and motion sickness are highly recommended.

Feminine hygiene products

Sadly, these are typically out in the bathrooms so you have to walk-up to first aid. Keep some with you at all times, ladies.

Hair brush and hair ties

As I’ve said, Florida is hot. Have hair ties with you in case you want to pull your hair up and a hair brush to touch your hair up after rides, before pictures, and before nice dinners.

Sun screen, aloe, and sunglasses

Need I say more since we’ve covered how hot Florida is? And even if you go in December, bring sun screen, sunglasses and aloe.

Bug Spray

This is a must if you are staying in the parks until the evening time.

Sweatshirts, hats, scarves, mittens, and hand-warmers

If you are in the parks anytime late October-late March, items to stay warm are a must. Believe it or not, Florida gets cold. You definitely don’t want to be heading back to your hotel instead of heading back to you hotel because it’s chilly.

Bubble refills

If you are traveling to Disney with young children or are simply a child at heart, bring bubble refills with you for the bubbles wands sold in the park. While Disney does sell refills, they are expensive and often very hard to find in the parks.

Is there anything you would add to this list of what to take to Disney World? Did you see anything on this list that you wouldn’t have thought to bring with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!