The Ultimate Nashville Travel Guide

It’s official: I want to move to Nashville after I graduate from college. I’m in love with southern people, southern hospitality, and most of all, southern food. It was my first time in Nashville and it was love at first site – or should I say bite. Today I’m sharing with you my guide to Nashville including where to stay, where to eat, what to do, the night life, and even Insta worthy walls you have to check out.


Urban Cowboy

While there are lots of amazing hotels in Nashville, I’m all about supporting local businesses, especially in towns as artistic and creative as Nashville. If you are staying in Nashville, check out the Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast. It’s a southwestern inspired bed and breakfast based out of an old Queen Anne Victorian mansion. The rooms vary from Midnight Rider, Lion’s Den, The Rose Room, and the two rooms I’d love to stay in, The Muse and the Victorian (if you check out their website, check out the theme of these rooms. They are all incredible). The best part? Upon arrival to check-in they greet with two options, whiskey or water. Yes, please. Goes along with their motto of ‘have a good time’ well.

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

When I asked on Facebook where we should stay in Nashville, the Gaylord Opryland Resort won hands down. The exterior is stunning and I can’t get over how beautiful the gardens are at the resort. I specifically carved out time and checked out all of the beautiful flowers and foundations that the resort has to boast. The Nashville airport is a 10-minute drive away (without traffic!) and the Opry Mills Mall is right next door.


The Pharmacy

Guys, I’m a midwestern girl through and through and good burgers and BBQ are something I take very seriously. While there was no BBQ here, there were burgers and they were fantastic. And so were the milkshakes. And the tater tots. Heck, the whole atmosphere of the place was amazing. If you are stopping in Nashville and need a good burger, 10/10 would recommend.

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

This place was on every Nashville travel guide that I read, but it was listed for good reason. It was incredible and probably one of the top things on my list to do while visiting Nashville. I’m not a spicy food gal so the “no heat” version was the perfect option for me. I had it with a side of cole slaw and mac-and-cheese with lemonade to drink and I highly recommend it. Just be prepared, the line was well out the door and half way down the block, but it was totally worth it.


Hands down this was my favorite food experience while in Nashville. It’s an old movie theater that’s been transformed into a restaurant that features American cuisine and wonderful cocktails. And after dinner head downstairs to The Sutler Saloon for some old fashioned dancing.

Yeast Nashville

This is a recommendation that I found from Kayla Blog’s Nashville guide. They serve incredible kolaches which is a breaded sausage with cheese type thing (there are different varieties, all I know is that they are YUMMY!) that’s perfect at breakfast time.

Pinewood Social

This place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus they have a huge bar inside as well. It’s filled with tables and couches so you can lounge and catch up with friends. The biggest selling point? There’s a bowling alley inside! If you need me one day, I’ll probably be eating all three meals here and hitting up the bar.

Biscuit Love

I had heard people around Nashville talking about “bonuts” and thought I was just mishearing them, then I read a little further into this place. I grew up picking fresh blueberries at a local berry patch and bonuts gave me all the nostalgic feels. What is a bonut? Fried biscuit dough with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote. I promise it’s even more wonderful than it sounds. Just like Hattie B’s be prepared for a long line to get in. I’d say we waited about an hour to be able to get in the morning, but once again, the wait was totally worth it. Plus, the inside décor is super cute and the food was great!

Five Daughters Bakery

While my mom and I were in Nashville we stopped at Five Daughter’s Bakery and I still get cravings for one of their doughnuts to this day. Oh. My. Goodness. You can taste the buttery goodness in these doughnuts and you probably shouldn’t Google the calories. We ended up getting doughnuts to go and I had one for breakfast, one as a mid-day snack, and half of one before bed because they were that good (Please don’t tell me how many calories I had that day, I’d rather stay clueless on that, hah!).


Country Music Hall of Fame

From Taylor Swift’s sparkly guitar (swoon) to Elvis’ gold Cadillac, it was so much fun to learn more about some of the most popular country music artists of all time.

The Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman

While I haven’t had the opportunity to go here yet, it’s definitely on my bucket list to do a tour and see a show here. I’m definitely not a country music fan, but I have so much appreciation for music and the hard work the artists go through to get on the Opry stage.

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Want the best view of the skyline in Nashville? Check out the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. It’s super easy to get to and the view is wonderful. I’d love to go during the day time and do I photo shoot on it sometime!


Downtown Antique Mall

Everyone who loves to shop for antiques has told me this is hands down their favorite spot to find great items and to show their friends when they come visit. The location downtown is great, the stuff is great, and the whole feel of the place is great.

Nashville Farmer’s Market

When people say you need to go here, just go. There is a reason this place is on all of the blog posts and travel guides.


Five Points Bears. East Nashville. Woodland St. & 11th St.

Driving past this wall it had a longer line than the ‘I Believe in Nashville’ mural, which is saying a lot. It’s located right next to an amazing restaurant called Tenn Sixteen that you must eat at if you stop by for a photo.

Three Brothers Coffee. 2813 West End Ave.

One of my favorite Instagramers posted this location on her story the day after I left Nashville and to say I’m sad to have missed a photo op in front of this wall is an understatement.

Import Flowers. Murphy Road on old Import Flowers building.

This wall has the perfect quirky vibe to it – and I definitely don’t mean that in a bad way. Many people overlook this wall simply because the flowers are drawn in a unique way, but with the right angle and pose you can get some incredible pictures.

Stay Tuned Mural. East Nashville. 625 Main St.

If you are in Nashville this is a must visit wall and typically because of its location in a non-tourist-y area there is little to no line. I love the script that ‘Nashville’ is written in and can’t get over the bold colors.

Amelia’s Flower Truck. The Gulch. 12 South, Edgehill.

I spotted the flower truck as I was walking up the street from Draper James and just couldn’t resist snapping some photos. I mean, who wouldn’t? Definitely splurge on some flowers while you are there too.

Flower Mural. 2900 12 Ave South.

This mural is my second favorite right behind the ‘Stay Tuned’ mural. Who doesn’t love flowers and bold colors?

What Lifts You Wings. 302 11th Ave. S.

Basically a staple photo op wall in Nashville. I have to admit though, I’m a sucker for a good what lifts you wings photo.

East Nashville Mural. East Nashville. Eastland and Gallatin.

This particular mural is one of a few through-out Nashville, but this one is grey and white instead of white and grey.

I Believe in Nashville. 12 South by Draper James.

The classic photo op spot in Nashville. I highly recommend you check it out!

Draper James and Blue & White Striped Wall. 12 South by Draper James. Across from I Believe in Nashville Mural.

Once you’ve checked out the ‘I Believe in Nashville’ mural and gotten your pictures be sure to get some more photos in front of the blue and white striped wall. And stop in Draper James for some sweet tea while you’re at it!