Guest Post

Interested in being featured on Love Megan June?

Hey guys! I’ve decided that it is officially time to allow guest posters and I’m super excited! While I mainly write to the college audience, I’m excited to be opening this up to high school, college, internship holders, and career women (or men for that matter!). If you are in high school I’d love to hear about staying organized, your planner, prepping for the ACT/SAT, how to find good scholarships, and study tips. In college I’d love to hear about studying, getting involved, time management, planning, why you should study abroad, and all about your experience in a sorority, whether it’s about recruitment, big/little, why you should join a sorority, and tips for living in house. If you had/have an internship I’d love to know more about interviewing tips, how to dress, what you learned, what you wish you could tell yourself before the internship, what you learned from the internships, and any tips you have for girls pursuing internships. If you are currently a career gal I’d love to hear about work/life balance, how you plan your time, what a day in your life is like, interview tips, tips for what to wear, tips on how to get into that field (such as business, engineering, teaching, etc.), and even advice on how you’ve moved up the corporate ladder.

And the ideas I’ve listed above aren’t what you have to post about, they are simply ideas of what I am looking for. If you are interested in guest posting, please send me a pitch at I promise I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with my thoughts. Once I approve the next step is to send me the post along with your post picture(s), bio, and bio picture.

Content Guidelines

-On Love Megan June I strive to always post informative posts that will aid readers in whatever it is about. I’m looking for posts longer than 750 with no fluff and no self-promotion through-out. You can promote yourself and your blog/website in your bio on the post, promise.

-No aggressive tones in your post. While I do write more advice driven posts, I never want to come off as harsh and you shouldn’t either.

-Do a grammar and spelling check before submitting please. While there are always a few things that can slip through the cracks (trust me, it happens to all of us), if there are blatant spelling and grammar errors throughout the post I will unfortunately have to send it back to you to be revised.

-Please provide an edited picture you have taken yourself to be used in your guest post. No stock photos or pictures from Google please.

-Provide a short 3-5 sentence bio about yourself to include at the end of the post. You can even include a photo of yourself if you would like.

-No cursing or harsh language within the posts.

-If I feel that the content you have submitted to me is unfit for my blog, even if you sent me a pitch that was approved, I have the right to turn down the post. While this does sound harsh, I don’t want to just publish something because they were hoping to advertise their blog to more people or a fluff post. I’m looking for posts that will help my readers.

-Please do not use an article that you have already published on your blog or another website.